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Strange & Questionable Garbage That People Chose To Sell Online

Not a sight for sore eyes
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Hapless Husband Goes Viral for Trying to Hire Gay Man to Party With Wife

Dream job
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craigslist, ebay, facebook marketplace, sales, r/crackheadcraigslist, funny, weird, trashy, for sale, memes, selling, deal, fail, cringe, lol, wtf, gross, sex toys, rip off, scam | Be naked at my sister's wedding (Lower East Side) My sister is having an outdoor wedding New Canaan ct May want someone be naked woods and run through wedding order ruin will pay and protect my family R Drive ParktAvenuer Dekalb Avenue craigslist- Map data OpenStreetMap compensation can discuss compensation privately

Very Sus Goods & Services People Tried To Sell Online

These items are probably still available
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Funny and Cursed Things People Tried to Sell Online

Craigslist, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace are unlikely windows into the soul.
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odd weird craigslist ads

Strange & Funny Craigslist Ads Posted By People Who Tried Their Best

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Crazy Crap People Attempted to Buy and Sell Online

We're gonna have to pass on these offers
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Funny and cringey and cursed stuff people tried to sell on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace | Bag coke $10 small baggie filled with coca cola | Pandora type bespoke bracelet ideal lockdown pick up Missus PANDORA £500 ENGLAND Pandoraish bracelet

Weird & Funny Crap People Tried To Sell Online

It's gonna be a no from me, dog
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Wholesome and heartbreaking missed connection about suicidal man meeting someone in the rain on the last day of 1972 | Massachusetts met rain on last day 1972 same day resolved kill myself. One week prior, at behest Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger flown four B-52 sorties over Hanoi dropped forty-eight bombs many homes destroyed many lives ended never know. But eyes my superiors had served my country honorably

Heartbreaking Missed Connection Will Give You The Feels

Who's cutting onions?
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Dude Trolls Craigslist Ad Seeking Kitten With Bizarre Tale Of 'Violent Incident'

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Funny and bizarre Craigslist ads

15 WTF Craigslist Ads That Really Out-Trashed Themselves

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craigslist post about stray cat was actually wild bobcat

Dude Finds Psycho Lost 'Cat' In This Hysterical Craigslist Ad

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Very Rare These Days

Craigslist advertisement for a car where the headline reads, "Rare, never vaped in"
Via chimrichaldsphd

What A Good Deal

Funny online advertisement of a guy selling an "invisibility cloak" for $300
Via PMyourNSFWselfies

Pretty Much

Funny meme about life.
Via @cabbagecatmemes


Funny craigslist ad.
Via distinguishedbaloney

A Perfect Match

Funny meme about craigslist missed connection where two garbage people missed each other.
Via fuks
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