If You Do Something Well, Never Do it For Free

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So It's a Bit of a Fixer Upper, So What?

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Sayonara, Sucker!

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Missed Connection Hot Spots

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Maybe I Need to Watch Less SVU

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What a Deal!

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Free Garbage

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But I Make Perfect Toast!

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Quit Smoking the Scary Way!

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Art of Trolling: Your Pants Would Smell Better Crumpled Up on My Floor

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I've Seen Enough Pedobear to Know Where This is Going

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People are so Racially Sensitive These Days

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I'll Buy for Twenty Five, Can We Play Anyway?

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Still Full of Pep!

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Created by XfluffykerzX

As Advertised

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One or Two Babies Might Still Be Under the Cushions

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Created by ivymiked