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Hey I think your cell phone is buzzing. These cellular puns will have you dialing for more in no time.

Everyone Who Checks Their Phone From Bed Needs to Read This Comic

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How Would The Bible Be Different if There Were Cellphones?

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An Important Reminder Regarding The Internet

Cartoon - AaSudden urge to check My phone Work! Work! Doin Workx Probably 'sheuldnt. It does have new but what if the internet has NEW THINGS? things! Glad checked Meow Meow Meow by John McNamee
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A Reminder That the iPhone 6 is Not a Flip Phone

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The Results From Attempting to Bend a Nokia

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Time to Upgrade Your Phone

iPhones sad but true cell phone web comics - 8327219200
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How to Make Relationships Even More Unbearable

iPhones relationships cell phone future trust issues web comics - 8309100800
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Just Wait Until You're Done

text cell phone video games table flipping - 8277121536

Almost a Victory for Privacy in the USA

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Another One Bites The Dust

FAIL gifs cell phone bridges - 8152130560
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What You Write vs. What Your Face Says

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Really? The One Day I'm Not Free?

studying forever alone Y U NO cell phone - 8074406656
Created by BurnTheBuddha

How Much of an Idiot Can I Be?

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Created by Squidkid915

There's an App for That

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Blue's On a Very Important Call

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Funny Until It Happens to You

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Created by 3rdDoc