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Hey I think your cell phone is buzzing. These cellular puns will have you dialing for more in no time.

Guess I'm Alone on This One

web comics cell phone Guess I'm Alone on This One
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Well played good sir

rage vomit drinking Challenge Accepted friends cell phone - 6524613376
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Low Phone Battery

rage charger cell phone battery - 6525695744
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Wait, I Think My Leg Just Vibrated

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Back in My Day

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This Happens All the Time


I Didn't Even Bother Turning It On

cell phone forever alone movies phone Rage Comics Sad - 5068724480
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What a Crappy Time to Forget

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So That's Where The Phantom Vibration Comes From

ghosts cell phone web comics - 8270479872
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Power, Power Everywhere and Not a Drop to Charge My Fricking Phone


Sexting Before Cell Phones

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Everyone Who Checks Their Phone From Bed Needs to Read This Comic

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How Would The Bible Be Different if There Were Cellphones?

bible cell phone web comics - 8432781312
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An Important Reminder Regarding The Internet

Cartoon - AaSudden urge to check My phone Work! Work! Doin Workx Probably 'sheuldnt. It does have new but what if the internet has NEW THINGS? things! Glad checked Meow Meow Meow by John McNamee
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A Reminder That the iPhone 6 is Not a Flip Phone

iphone cell phone gifs web comics - 8335138048
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The Results From Attempting to Bend a Nokia

cell phone gifs iPhones nokia ouch thumbs - 8335152896
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