cell phone

Hey I think your cell phone is buzzing. These cellular puns will have you dialing for more in no time.

Accurate But Lacks Specificity

2 cell phone eyes police troll face trolling - 6193985792
Created by zjack21

Today Is That Day

cell phone dumb future ipad kindle Memes - 6205925632

SMP CLASSIC: Well At Least Your Bifocals Are the Right Prescription

cell phone contacts double meaning glasses literalism phone reason - 5981888256
Created by xyzpdq1 ( Via Joseph Birdsong )

Low Battery Again?

cell phone Rage Comics troll Y U No Guy - 5802420224

Rage Comics: What Insurance Plan?

best of week broken cell phone iphone Rage Comics - 5663744000
Created by EpicFuuuail

Take That, Battery Life!

cell phone charge Rage Comics watch out guys - 5504295680

Mu Gusta Picture Message

awesome cell phone guys me gusta - 5524565504
Created by NCharmelo

His Calling Plan Is Very Restrictive...

cell phone homophone knights phone - 5420589824
Created by Craptabulous


awful cell phone chamillionaire daisy Hall of Fame hating homophone iphone phone riding dirty rolling text message texting - 5423460352

Ironically, it Isn't Cordless

cell cell phone double meaning literalism phone - 5309461760
Created by rocket-taco

I Mean I Guess It Died

cell phone forever alone Rage Comics Sad - 5256063744

You'll Never Feel It Vibrate

annoying Bar Graph cell phone volume - 5209072640
Created by Danielol

I Think I Hear It Buzzing in the Kitchen

calling cell phone phone Pie Chart - 5145746688

And They Don't Even Cell My Prescription Here!

cell phone contacts double meaning explanation glasses Hall of Fame literalism lost phone phones - 5133376000
Created by xyzpdq1

I Was on the Phone When I Heard...

cell phone xhibit yo dawg - 5107266304
Created by urkelbot666

Do You Angry Birds?

cell phone cost gaming infographic internet mobile phone - 5038590464