Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

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'So you're telling me 5.5 hours of labor doesn't burn off a burrito': Mom logs birth as workout on Strava, entertains internet

It should be more calories
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'This baby is 0% my responsbility': Harsh mom kicks out entitled pregnant 19 year old daughter after she asks for free babysitting

She wants no part in it
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'The internet really ruined like three generations of people': Trad Gen-Z mom makes a wojak of her baby, gets roasted and praised for it

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'Tfw your baby is gift giving and the gifts do NOT smell good': New mom gets roasted for claiming her baby has a 'love language'

No acts of service? Lame
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New mom's baby name tribute to 'Nana Lottie' goes horribly, hilariously wrong: 'To say the family lost their minds would be an understatement'

She should have thought that through
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'It's easier having 1 person to take care of instead of 2': Couple divorces after lazy dad refuses to help wife at home, gets 50/50 custody and she soars while he sinks

He messed around and found out
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'It sounds more like a furniture brand': Mom-to-be faces pushback for rejecting husband's absurd baby name

The worst gift a parent can give
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'This was some secret test': Weird mom friends shame child-free woman for ignoring baby's cry at a restaurant

Everyone's competing for mom of the year
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Expecting mother rejects fiancée's idea to put his family rocking chair in the nursery, enrages him: 'Both my parents have passed'

Is he sitting in the chair with the baby?
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'We think our baby is a genius': Moms share the Mommy Facebook Group posts that live in their heads rent free

Sure, Mom
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'Sigurd Felix Wolfgang Atreides goes hard': Mom shares the craziest baby names from her pregnancy Facebook group

What's in a name?
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Man asks the mother of his child for a DNA test, can't understand why she moved in with her parents: 'She said she lost all respect for me'

If you can't trust her after ten years together...
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'My parents have full run of my house': Entitled family insist son let pregnant sister and child move in, gets offended when he won't babyproof

Too much responsibility
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New mother grapples with a tough decision after realizing her mom was a dangerous parent: 'Her defense? I did this with you and you survived'

Good granny gone bad
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Godmother criticizes mother for naming her daughter Ghiuliyette: 'Why ruin such a beautiful name by including letters that don’t belong there?'

Romeo and Ghoul-liette
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'My dad told me to put 'freeloader'': Parents and family members reveal funny responses they have filled out on forms for kids

Occupation: baby
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