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Woman Gets Dunked On For Being Against Smoking on a Train

How is this controversial?
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Clueless Husband Sparks Outrage With Selfish TikTok About Wife Ignoring Chores

He really thought he said something
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TikTok about woman who is mourning the Disney ride she named her daughter after, Splash Mountain

Woman Who Named Her Baby After 'Splash Mountain' Mourns The Ride

Such a beautiful name for a girl
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best memes for moms and dads old and new who are the funniest

Weekly Treat of Funniest Parenting Memes for the Moms and Dads Who Need a Good Laugh Out Loud Right Now (January 6, 2023)

Hot take: Every teachable parenting moment is also a perfect meme-able moment.
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new mom asks family member who is feeding the baby to use a new spoon after she sees them eat off of the same spoon, the family member begrudgingly agrees but calls her dramatic for it, so the mom takes her own finger, sticks it in her mouth, and smears her spit on the family member's face to prove a point.

'What makes them think a MOUTH is an efficient way to clean?:' Mom Smears Spit on Family Member's Face After They Called Her Dramatic for Not Allowing Them to Share a Spoon with Baby

There is nothing more frustrating as a new mother than when a family members tries to call you “crazy” or “dramatic” for your parenting choices. Sure, they are family, but that is still not their baby and they have now lost baby-care privileges if they're going to undermine your parenting, especially if they do that right in front of your child.
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A compilation of memes about pregnancy and being pregnant

Pregnancy Memes For Expecting Mothers Who Need a Good Laugh

The brilliant minds of Yahoo Answers inspired one of the funniest viral videos asking a seemingly simple question : “Am I Pregant? Am I pragnent? Am i pargant? Am i gregnant? Am i pegnate?? Help!? Is there a possibly that i’m pegrent? Am I pregegant or am I okay? Could I be pregonate?How do I know if I’M prengan? Can i be pregnant???? Can u get pregnant...? Can u bleed while u are pergert? Can u down a 20 foot waterslide pegnat? How can i get my gf pragnet? What happen when get pergenat? How ca…
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A compilation of funny and random memes

A File of Fantastic Memes

Do you ever think about how the most important documents of your life are probably locked away in some filing cabinet somewhere? If somebody put a gun to my head and asked me where my birth certificate was, you'd be preparing my death certificate soon afterward. There used to be a time when you literally had to print out everything. If there was a recipe you liked online, you had better print it if you wanted to avoid taking multiple trips to the family computer room while cooking. The printer…
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Dad Gets Slammed for Ordering Pizza During Partner's Labor

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People Debate Whether Babies Should Be Allowed On Planes

Nothing more awkward
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Trisha Paytas Finally Gives Birth to Baby Girl, The Internet Reacts

Lizzie held in there
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A list of tweets about Nick Cannon's newest child and his proclivity for breeding.

Funniest Tweets About Nick Cannon's Wild Fatherhood Habits as He Welcomes His 9th Baby to the World

Nick Cannon is still “Wild 'N Out”
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Trisha Paytas Gives Birth to Baby Girl That People Are Convinced is the Reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II

She better call her Lizzie
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Baby Is Convinced Hasbulla Is Her Dad, Hilarity Ensues

It's easy to see why
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Twitter Users Mesmerized by Ridiculously Complex Gender Reveal

It's a performance
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Article about mom who fat shames her fat baby in a viral tiktok.

Thin Mother Fat Shames Her Months Old Baby In Viral TikTok

The only phase of life where being chubby is socially accepted as a positive thing is infancy . Once you stop being young enough to carry, being thin is societally enforced with an iron fist, with anyone who doesn't fit into that mold being endlessly criticized for their size. It makes sense that we make an exception for fat babies in such a fatphobic society. After all, nobody wants a skinny baby. Well, almost nobody. Mayci Neeley is a TikToker who makes family content, sharing cute videos of…
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Seductive Car Wash Trend is Going Viral and Everyone is Taking It Way Too Far With Their Own Sensual Spin On Things

Get wet.
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