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People Contemplate How They Would React to Their Friend's Ugly Baby

Personally, it's quite difficult to distinguish the difference between an ugly newborn baby and a cute one. They all sort of just look like small, malformed creatures to me. For others, apparently, it's quite easy to distinguish that difference. Now, I've only ever been in the position once where I was in the same room as a nearly newborn baby. It was my cousin's. I didn't get particularly close to it, but I could tell from a distance that it wasn't exactly cute. That being said, five years lat…
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People Discuss Long Standing Covid-19 Effects That Have Yet to Recover

Do you guys remember that one thing that happened a few years back that fundamentally changed societies across the entire globe? Yeah, the first year of Covid-19 was pretty crazy. We're lucky that the passage of time has made the Coronavirus much less of the dominant, oppositional presence in our lives, but don't forget it still exists. As an individual who survived as a restaurant server, the initial quarantine and closure of indoor dining hit me extremely hard financially. Add that on top of…
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Clever Kid

Funny meme about a clever student who draws a little cartoon on a test question that asks students to "defend" their answers
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These Are Very Important Questions

Pic of a Google search that reads, "Can Jesus..." with auto-populated fields about whether he can microwave a burrito
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You're Not Wrong...

amazon answers image You're Not Wrong...
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Seriously, It Kinda Sticks Out

answer literalism question stick - 4689617408
Created by LOL124 ( Via Domics )

There Is Only 1 Answer

answer Hogwarts funny internet - 8233015808

Ever wondered why he's so interested in such fine wear?

question answer how i met your mother literalism Neil Patrick Harris suit - 6955378688

I'm not really a fan

question cool answer literalism fans - 7051089408
Created by tpk1998 ( Via Domics )

No Good Answer Here

bad idea answer - 4505057024
Created by SkyFly

SMP CLASSIC: Haha! Taxidermy!

question answer conversation human literalism stuffed sandwich food classic offer wolf - 7138813184

Welcome to Television Circa 2013

question innuendo answer gross double entendre advice - 7114657792
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Sonic Resents That Remark

question answer advice hedgehog double meaning - 7104304128

GPOY My love Life

pickup line question answer literalism - 7082590208
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Geometry Puns Are Weird...

question geometry answer longform animal - 7061879552

A Joke as Old as the Scrolls Themselves

question answer similar sounding Skyrim - 7023472384
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