Clever Kid

Funny meme about a clever student who draws a little cartoon on a test question that asks students to "defend" their answers
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These Are Very Important Questions

Pic of a Google search that reads, "Can Jesus..." with auto-populated fields about whether he can microwave a burrito
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You're Not Wrong...

amazon answers image You're Not Wrong...
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Seriously, It Kinda Sticks Out

answer literalism question stick - 4689617408
Created by LOL124 ( Via Domics )

There Is Only 1 Answer

answer Hogwarts funny internet - 8233015808
Created by Unknown

Ever wondered why he's so interested in such fine wear?

question answer how i met your mother literalism Neil Patrick Harris suit - 6955378688
Created by Unknown

I'm not really a fan

question cool answer literalism fans - 7051089408
Created by tpk1998 ( Via Domics )

No Good Answer Here

bad idea answer - 4505057024
Created by SkyFly

SMP CLASSIC: Haha! Taxidermy!

question answer conversation human literalism stuffed sandwich food classic offer wolf - 7138813184
Created by Unknown

Welcome to Television Circa 2013

question innuendo answer gross double entendre advice - 7114657792
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Sonic Resents That Remark

question answer advice hedgehog double meaning - 7104304128
Created by Unknown

GPOY My love Life

pickup line question answer literalism - 7082590208
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Geometry Puns Are Weird...

question geometry answer longform animal - 7061879552
Created by Unknown

A Joke as Old as the Scrolls Themselves

question answer similar sounding Skyrim - 7023472384
Created by Unknown

These Mushrooms Just Said Something Real Mean About Yo Mamma

question answer talking mushroom similar sounding poo - 7022663168
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OK. No RegEx. Got It.

answer - 6999788544
Created by jc2581 ( Via )
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