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Yes, That's Paul Rudd

gifs paul rudd funny - 8271254784
Via Ze-skywalker

Legolas' Dilemmas

gifs legolas Lord of the Rings Movies and TV - 5783583232

Clueless Canine Squats on Kid's Head

critters dogs gifs kids Sundog - 6446624256
Created by TSGIGOR

Ever Feel This Way?

Via Bing

The Mirror Betrayed You

FAIL gifs kids mirrors - 8561553152
Created by ToolBee

Sloth Gets Picked Up

critters gifs sloths jungle water - 8236688640
Created by Unknown

Another Lonely Night

Via I Raff I Ruse

He Drives me NUTS!!!

ouch FAIL gifs soccer nuts - 6888162304
Created by ToolBee
A perfect collection of gifs to bring you into the weekend. The cover gif is of an amateur wrestler who throws a chair behind his back into the ring and it bounces into opening up and standing miraculously

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Turtle on a Roomba

critters gifs roomba they see me rollin transportation turtle - 5148257792
Created by Unknown


anthropomorphizing birds buses critters facts gifs public transportation sad but true Turkey - 4829985024
Created by Unknown

Selfies Are Stupid, That's No Bull

FAIL gifs bull selfie - 8273899264
Created by Unknown

Deadpool's Bored

gifs deadpool jerk trip Spider-Man funny - 7449085440
Created by anselmbe


critters gifs mouse ominous SOON - 6070987520
Via Bunny Food

Thai Dragracing

gifs tractors thailand - 8251977984
Via Bing

Being a Dog Sucks Sometimes

dogs gifs critters vacuum - 8555656704
Created by Unknown
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