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53 Year Old Man Beats Up 21 Year Old MMA Fighter

fighting gifs mma old man win - 6180638720

It's Friday, Time to Blow Off All The Paperwork

gifs puns funny - 7542980352
Created by anselmbe

Machine Gun Grumpy

Cats guns gifs Grumpy Cat - 8413826560
Created by tamaleknight

Falling From Grace

whoops FAIL gifs pole dancing - 8440213760

Reggie Prepares For The Nintendo Challenge

my body is ready gifs mario nintendo - 8510198272

Kittens Make Friends with Guinea Pig

Caturday cute gifs guinea pigs kitten - 5998520832
Created by _C_A_T_

Coming Back To Reality is Rough

sports gifs kids stadium funny - 7726861312

I Said, "Hide!!"

wolves gifs critters cute hide - 6992181504

Ferret Stealing Treats Off the Desk

ferret thieves gifs critters funny - 7817011456

Specsavers Sauna

gifs kitchen old man Punnish wtf - 5346830080
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )

Spinning Desk Chairs Are The Best Chairs

chairs fun gifs lego Office sad but true spinning win - 6581831680
Created by S1MP50N ( Via )

Perfect Framing

photobomb gifs lol - 6846848512

The Last 30 Years Have Really Aged E.T.

Aliens mindwarp gifs make up - 8113147392
Created by ToolBee

Is This GIF Horrifying or Sort of Sexy?

GIF that mixes a bunch of images into a series that looks a bit horrifying and not sexy as intended at all.
Via gif

This Chair Can't Hold Up

chairs FAIL fall gifs pranks puns - 6462401536

Of Course There's a Horse in Pool

gifs horse - 8036840960
Via Youtube
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