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Elsa Has Transformed Into a Goat

gifs snow goats critters - 8459763968

Another Bug With iOS8

iPhones gifs sad but true apple - 8455311104
Created by ToolBee

What Happens When I Windmills Fail Safe Fails

explosions gifs windmills funny - 7870144512

On Second Thought, The Bonfire Looks Nice

brave gifs dark souls - 8099883520
Created by ToolBee

Bruce Lee Likes Kitties

gifs cute bruce lee kitties - 8404007168
Created by ace0fredspades ( Via Ace 0f Red Spades )

David Calvo Juggles and Solves Rubik's Cubes

gifs juggle rubiks cube win - 5354955008
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Red Panda Recovers From Impending Doom

critters gifs red pandas - 7984762112

Deceptive Mouse

gifs critters mice Cats - 8095022080

Gravity Cat Gif

Funny gif of a cat having some gravity issues with the stairs.
Created by PetePete ( Via Cat GIFS )

Being a Jerk to a Taxi Isn't a Good Idea

FAIL fight gifs jerks ouch taxi yikes - 6176357376

Fruit Ninja IRL

fruit gifs knife ninja video games Videogames - 5674754560
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Don't Stop Your Car in The Crosswalk

pedestrians rage FAIL gifs cars funny - 7486518272


gifs milk Caturday Cats - 7104075520

Kids Suck

gifs kids knife Movies and TV - 5312444928

Hippos Rescue Stranded Duckling at Blijdorp Zoo, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

hippos gifs dutch ducklings critters - 8507074048
Created by ToolBee

Italian Vampire Rage

gifs Italy rage vampires wtf - 6014450944