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This Dog Stops For No One

glitch dogs gifs Cats - 8464998656
By Unknown

The Skycam is Falling!

epic fall gifs puns sports - 5659873280
By Unknown

This Dog Enjoys This Giant Hamster Wheel

fun hamster wheel dogs gifs - 7104241152
By Unknown

Surfing Dogs Rules

gifs surfing funny - 7645713408
By Unknown

So That's What a Root Canal Looks Like

yikes gifs dentists - 8259418880
By anselmbe

Who Dares Approach My Window?

Cat gif in which a cat jumps to the window of the door to see who is coming.
By Unknown

Aren't You a Beautiful Boy?

Cats celeb doctor who gifs sad but true - 6411458816
By Unknown

A GIF You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

jaws teeth fish - 8543913216
By tamaleknight

If They Were A Little Slower This Could Have Been Tragic

yikes gifs cars funny - 7626193920
By Unknown

Bouncing Baby

Babies dancing gifs kids bouncing - 8490814464
By ToolBee

What a Doofus

bunnies dogs gifs cute dachshunds - 8475365120
By Unknown

What Happens When Water Balloons Don't Pop

ouch slow motion FAIL gifs AZN water balloons - 6843238656
By Unknown


yikes the horror gifs - 6710142464
By ToolBee

It's in a Better Place Now

whoops FAIL gifs cars tow trucks - 8300778240
Via Bing
Baby elephant rushes into water to save "drowning" man as he floats down the stream

This is Something Not Seen Every Day - A Baby Elephant Helping a "Drowning" Man

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Preparing Breakfast

machines gifs pancakes - 8017499648
By beernbiccies