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Don't Jerk The Wire Too Hard

yikes bombs gifs pants - 8450870016
Created by ToolBee

I Brought You Some Presents, Little Human

Babies balls gifs - 8316772608

Has a Post Ever Made You This Mad?

rage computers FAIL gifs internet - 8418407168
Created by tamaleknight

Dachshund Defends Mom

dogs gifs critters dachshunds - 8558537472

Little Kitty Rubbing Time

gifs kitties Cats - 8393176832

The Strange Spitfish

mindwarp gifs critters fish hunting - 8294166528
Via Bing

SEVEN DAYS... No Wait, Months, I Meant Months

gif of a sloth edited to look like he is from Blair Witch Project
Via Senor GIF


gifs cute begging Cats - 7944824576
Created by anselmbe

Turtles Chase After a Moth

critters gifs turtles - 8197857792
Via Tastefully Offensive

Do You Even Lift Bros

bros do you even lift gifs weights - 8034886656
Created by Iron-man01

Never Ending NOMS.

gifs ice cream homer nom nom nom - 7060927744
Created by Teh_epik_duck01

Yeah, We Get It, You're Fit

gifs exercise mindwarp push ups pull ups - 8335061248


Arnold Schwarzenegger awesome celeb commando gifs movies Predator rambo sick Sylvester Stallone - 4861134592
Created by _C_A_T_

The Wake Up Machine

bed machines mindwarp gifs - 8478404096
Created by ToolBee

Commentary on The Breaking News

photobomb gifs funny - 7622001920
Created by 04rossca

Flamingo Absurdity

gifs flamingos critters funny - 7843681536
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )