Señor GIF

I'm Just Trying to Stay Cool

dogs gifs pugs fridge - 6813275136

Kid Snuggles His Turtle

gifs turtles goats critters cute funny - 7452256768
Via Youtube

Car Surfing Dog

cars critters dogs gifs Sundog surfing - 6338045696
Created by TSGIGOR

Ta-Ta Thursdays: Where's a Napkin When You Need One?

babe gifs humpday kate upton mammaries napkins - 6092241152
Created by Jonesty

Hey There

GIF of a goat saying HEY

No Keys? No Problem

gifs jump mindwarp windows - 7974369792
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Chairgusta GIF - challenge accepted genre
Created by pettenuti

Little Bird Comes to Get Food

birds gifs cute food - 8500763136

Old school trumps new school

animal attack cat kitty kitten - 3471214336

Hamsters Having a Fun Time

critters cute fun games gifs hamsters pets - 6550022400

Shy New Born Elephant

GIF of a cute elephant that is too shy to hang out with the herd.

Crushed By Your Own Image

FAIL fall gifs irony picture - 5685060352

The Blanket is Ours

dogs gifs blankets - 8504417024

An Efficient Way to Chop Wood

gifs wood - 7155780352

That's How To Waste Thousands of Dollars Really Quickly

cars crash FAIL gifs - 8196152832

Kangaroo Nods Out

gifs critters kangaroos funny sleepy - 7793212160