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Jumping up and down like there is no tomorrow. Bungie your way through your day with these buoying memes and jokes that will have you leaping up for joy. Don't confine yourself to a chair all day, give yourself a break and shake it off and jump all around with these hopping memes puns and jokes.

Extreme Dog Jump

critters dogs extreme gifs jumping - 5839049728
By Unknown

The Blinds Didn't Stand a Chance

Cats gifs funny jumping - 7924358144
By Unknown

Cat Guard Keeps Intruder at Bay

Cute gif of a funny cat that is doing his best at keeping an intruder away.
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Jumping From One Challenge to Another

gifs wheels unicycle jumping - 8132491264
Via Bing

Feeding a Cat Tuna Does This

Cats Caturday gifs jumping tuna - 5572764160
By Unknown

Jumping Over a Golf Cart Fail

gif of man attempting to jump over a golf cart and getting his pants caught on the way

This Could Have Ended Badly

cars close call flipping gifs jumping win - 5174318848
By Unknown

BRB Going for a Swim

costume wtf gifs win jumping frogs - 7039986176
By meganeguard (Via Lynn V Wang)

Riders on The Storm

storm gifs jumping - 6716734976
By Unknown

She's on Fire

jump rope FAIL gifs fire funny jumping - 7782388480
By Unknown

Hey, Wait For Me

parkour gifs extreme win jumping - 6855707648
By Iron-man01

I Think He Wants In

gifs Cats funny jumping - 7793531392
By Unknown

What a Catch

gifs Cats funny jumping - 7886480896
By Mynameisavals (Via Youtube)

Baby Goat Learning to Dance to Kriss Kross

baby critters cute gifs goats jumping puns - 5834144512
By Unknown


awesome boots gifs jumping portal 2 video games Videogames - 4648526848

Damien Walters 2011 Compilation

extreme flip gifs jumping sports stunts - 5431080448