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Jumping up and down like there is no tomorrow. Bungie your way through your day with these buoying memes and jokes that will have you leaping up for joy. Don't confine yourself to a chair all day, give yourself a break and shake it off and jump all around with these hopping memes puns and jokes.

Having Fun With a Friend

best of week cool friends gifs jumping skateboarding twirling win - 5783713024

Board Guys Hanging Out

mindwarp gifs jumping - 8110512896
By Unknown

Concern For This Dog's Well-Being

dogs rope gifs jumping - 8416480000
Via 4 GIFs

This Otterly Funny

critters gifs funny jumping otters - 7906726656
By anselmbe

MIT's Cheetah Robot Jumps Over The Blockades

gifs wtf mindwarp robots jumping - 8502159872
By Unknown

Ultimate Jump Rope Experience

gifs hydraulics cars funny jumping - 7601444352
By sebenty

Parkour Fail

FAIL gifs jumping ouch parkour - 5254632448

One Determined Cat

gifs Cats funny jumping - 7472723712
By Iron-man01

I Must Go, My People Need Me

cool critters gifs goats i must go my planet needs me jumping - 6616077824
By _C_A_T_


couch drunk FAIL gifs jumping ouch - 4652140544
By Unknown

This Feather Needs To Get Pounced On

gifs feathers Cats jumping - 8538950656
By Unknown


cool gifs Cats jumping - 6846993408
By TSGIGOR (Via Youtube)

Inter-dimensional Cat

best of week Cats Caturday gifs jumping recursion - 5650196224

I Felt Tough Jumping Down The Last Three Stairs

assassins creed cosplay free running gifs IRL jumping parkour win - 6563410176
By Unknown

Cattle Dip

gifs water critters cows jumping - 7164005888
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

The Grace of a Drunk

FAIL drunk gifs jumping ouch - 8327078912
By Unknown