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Jumping up and down like there is no tomorrow. Bungie your way through your day with these buoying memes and jokes that will have you leaping up for joy. Don't confine yourself to a chair all day, give yourself a break and shake it off and jump all around with these hopping memes puns and jokes.

This Tiny Robot Uses Its Tail to Jump High

epic gifs robots science funny win jumping - 7740734976
By Unknown

Jumping Japanese Fish

gifs critters fish jumping - 7964007424
By ToolBee


awesome car gifs jumping win - 4644494080
By Unknown

Dog Pounces on Woman in The Pool

dogs gifs pools jumping - 8549791488
By Unknown

Fooled By Friends

gifs jumping skydiving - 8182996480
By ToolBee

Crazy Man Jumps Over Lamborghini

cars extreme gifs jumping lamborghini win - 5295532032

This Cat is Going Places

gifs climbing Caturday Cats jumping - 7155507200
By Unknown

Lemur Leap of Faith

gifs lemurs critters cute jumping - 8499538176

Semi Truck Soaring Through The Sky

gifs semi trucks flying jumping - 7963790848
By Unknown

Classic Epic Bus Bump

bus classic FAIL gifs jumping - 4967053312
By Unknown

Can You Do This?

gifs hurdles amazing jumping - 7994083072
By Unknown

Lamb Bounces

critters cute gifs jumping lambs - 6127730944
By _C_A_T_ (Via The Daily What)

Jump Off a Bridge Onto a Boat

gifs win jumping boats - 8034166016
Via Youtube


cat Caturday cute gifs jumping - 4589006592
By OryuKitty

Guess Cars Should Be on The Road, Sometimes

cars gifs jumping - 8226623488
Via Bing

Gymnastic Fail

almost got it FAIL gifs gymnastics jumping ouch - 5594073088
By lol_saint