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Jumping up and down like there is no tomorrow. Bungie your way through your day with these buoying memes and jokes that will have you leaping up for joy. Don't confine yourself to a chair all day, give yourself a break and shake it off and jump all around with these hopping memes puns and jokes.

Tarzan The Ape-Dog

dogs trees gifs jumping - 7103739648
By _C_A_T_ (Via Youtube)


bikes gifs jumping mindwarp racing when you see it - 4990964480
By Unknown

Cats Do Know Tricks

Cats Caturday cute gifs jumping tricks - 5630729984
By Unknown

And He's Gone

gifs funny jumping mud - 7932539904
By anselmbe

This Tiny Robot Uses Its Tail to Jump High

epic gifs robots science funny win jumping - 7740734976
By Unknown

Cat Jumping Fail

Cats Caturday FAIL gifs jumping - 5684879360
By Unknown

Cats Don't Need Ladders

Cats Caturday epic gifs jumping ladders - 6254272000
By Unknown

BRB Going for a Swim

costume wtf gifs win jumping frogs - 7039986176
By meganeguard (Via Lynn V Wang)

Maybe You Should Try Swimming?

gifs hurdles swimming jumping - 7954525184
By anselmbe

Cat Guard Keeps Intruder at Bay

Cute gif of a funny cat that is doing his best at keeping an intruder away.
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Pig Doesn't Goat a Problem

goats critters pig jumping funny - 7420200960
By DJShay12 (Via Youtube)

Liquid Sidewalk

gifs jumping kids liquid mindwarp - 5745330688
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Dazzling Acrobatics

acrobatics epic gifs jumping movie magic Movies and TV - 5671056640
By Unknown

Too Many Kids Are Dreaming in School

Inception gifs kids lockers jumping - 7344688640
By Unknown

This Could Be a Sign

gifs fences deer running horde jumping - 7601710336
By Unknown

How'd They Get a Horse to Ride Another Horse?

extreme gifs jumping horses - 8221283328
Via Bing
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