Señor GIF


Fireworks at Night

epic explosion fireworks gifs night win - 6451672832
By ToolBee

Well Didn't See That Coming

david lynch explosion gifs cars deer - 6981158400
By Unknown

Ping Pong Explosion

explosion gifs win - 5715565312
By Unknown


explosion FAIL fire gifs hes-fine wtf - 4838231808
By _C_A_T_

Never Fight a Cat

Cats Caturday explosion gifs good advice helicopter yikes - 5879176704
Via Youtube

Charging Up The Furnace

epic explosion gifs extreme - 7111201536
By Unknown

Quadrocopter Plus Machine Gun

epic explosion FPS Russia guns machine gun Quadrocopter win - 6150170368
By Unknown
The best shockwaves and explosions gathered from all 4 corners of the internet. The cover photo is a shockwave after a howitzer fires a shell

Get a Shock to Your System With These Massive Shockwaves

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That's a Big Balloon

balloon big cool explosion gifs science - 6308129024
By Unknown

Muzzle Loader Explodes At Gun Range

explosion FAIL fire gifs guns yikes - 6095690496
By _C_A_T_ (Via Cheezburger)

Who Says Solar Power is Safe?

beer explosion wtf gifs - 7122013184
By Unknown

Breaking Bad Season 6 Spoiler

breaking bad celeb cool crossover explosion gifs high five - 6580344320
Via Something Awful

Slice It

awesome axe explosion gifs slow motion win - 5725106432
By nikadiler

Gun Powder? More Like Fun Powder!

explosion FAIL gifs hes-okay kids - 5553586944
By Unknown
explosion gifs Shockwave Reddit animated gifs - 10407429

Shockingly Good Shockwaves

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Exploding Chair

chair explosion FAIL gifs lol prank - 6594344192
By Unknown