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Lucky Day For FPS Russia

FPS Russia guns explosion gifs - 6951503872
Created by Unknown

The Most Epic Handshake

epic explosion gifs Predator manly - 6742220544

One Use Gun

explosion FAIL gifs guns - 6413712384

Iceberg Explosion

cold explosion FAIL gifs iceberg nature yikes - 5943838976

Poo Explosion

explosion FAIL gifs gross yikes - 6009657856

Tired of This

explosion FAIL gifs puns repair tired - 5879178752

Explosive Encounter

crash explosion FAIL gifs traffic wtf yikes - 6065950976

Meanwhile in Winnipeg

Canada explosion gifs Meanwhile FAIL - 6632294144


celeb computers explosion gifs help computer lol wrestling wwe - 4181530880

Just A Little Tranquiliz---aaaaarh!

Gif of man hitting aligator with blowdart and causing an explosion
Via tumblr

Lighter + Bullet + Candle In Slow Motion

awesome candle explosion gifs lighter slow motion win - 6133929216
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Michael Bay's Car

cars explosion FAIL gifs mondays - 6434470400

Walking Away From a Crazy Crash

cars crash crazy explosion FAIL gifs - 5916823808


explosion extreme gifs Punnish water - 4781010432

Bean Can Bomb

beans bombs explosion FAIL wtf - 5160287232

Red Row Flats Getting Demolished

epic explosion FAIL gifs - 6321395200