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Soft Landing...

diving explosion pool funny jo38ma3 - 7983439616
Created by ToolBee

Charging Up The Furnace

epic explosion gifs extreme - 7111201536


explosion FAIL gifs soda wtf - 4232263680
Created by Badmoves

What The Melon?

gifs watermelon explosion wtf - 6695870720

Demolition Glencairn Tower

building collapse demolition explosion gifs science - 5466458112
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )

Fireball Caught on Video

gifs Video fireball explosion mindwarp - 6670961152
Created by jyonasan1957

RC Car Detonates Nitrogen Balloon

explosion gifs awesome fire RC car science - 6938601984
Created by ani.s4

Never Fight a Cat

Cats Caturday explosion gifs good advice helicopter yikes - 5879176704
Via Youtube

Bridge Be Gone

bridge demolition epic explosion FAIL gifs - 5907206400

This Mountain Exploded

boom explosion gifs mountain rage wtf - 5855543808


awesome best movie ever cops explosion funny gifs win - 4829984512

Whats Up With That Hole?

explosion gifs hole mindwarp wtf - 6372186112

Right on Target

explosion FAIL gifs guns rifle whoops - 6125198848

Twisted Metal

car crash explosion gifs mindwarp test yikes - 5352314112
first shockwave collection of 2020. The cover photo is of a navy test of a massive explosive that created a massive reaction when it was detonated underwater during a test

Put a Zing in Your Morning Routine with These Amazing Shockwaves

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Quadrocopter Plus Machine Gun

epic explosion FPS Russia guns machine gun Quadrocopter win - 6150170368