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Explosive Dam

epic explosion gifs mindwarp woah - 5395175424

Falcon vs Falcon

epic explosion falcon punch gifs video games - 6500348160
Created by nonez_ur_bizniz

One Explosive Kitty

explosion gifs kitties Cats - 8163358208
Via Bing


explosion FAIL fireworks gifs yikes - 4953320960


best of week explosion gifs Movies and TV skull wtf - 5122014976
Created by Shado85

Politics in a Nutshell

animation explosion gifs politics simpsons - 5570701568
Created by jose flambanio

Gas Prices Are Exploding

explosion FAIL gas station gifs puns sad but true - 6229336064
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Mini-Cannon Destroying Glasses

cannon epic explosion gifs whoa win - 6158245376

Coke-Mentos Race Cars

cars coke explosion gifs mentos science win - 5568256512

Everything Went As Expected

electricity explosion FAIL gifs wtf - 5594573568
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

B3... MISS!

gifs close call wtf explosion water mindwarp - 6665190912
Created by ToolBee

Propane Tank Explosion

explosion FAIL gifs tank - 6599292160
loops of shockwaves of all shapes sizes and types from all over the internet all in one place

Shockwaves For Days

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Those Damned Pokemons

explosion gifs Pokémon video games wtf - 5317056512
Created by Mortuaryjoe
White Island Volcano Whakaari in New Zealand erupted with dozens of tourists still in the crater and a number still unaccounted for

The White Island Volcano Eruption

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simply the most amazing and incredible explosions in shockwaves coming in all forms shapes and sizes. The cover gif is a nuclear detonation and mushroom cloud following the explosion

Shockingly Good Shockwaves

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