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Girls Mixed Coke and Mentos

explosion gifs girls mindwarp science seems legit - 5271558144
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

It's Raining Ping Pong Balls

cool explosion gifs science - 6602473984
Created by Unknown

What The Melon?

gifs watermelon explosion wtf - 6695870720
Created by Unknown

Charging Up The Furnace

epic explosion gifs extreme - 7111201536
Created by Unknown

One Explosive Kitty

explosion gifs kitties Cats - 8163358208
Via Bing

Demolition Glencairn Tower

building collapse demolition explosion gifs science - 5466458112
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )

Quadrocopter Plus Machine Gun

epic explosion FPS Russia guns machine gun Quadrocopter win - 6150170368
Created by Unknown

Explosive Dam

epic explosion gifs mindwarp woah - 5395175424
Created by Unknown
simply the most amazing and incredible explosions in shockwaves coming in all forms shapes and sizes. The cover gif is a nuclear detonation and mushroom cloud following the explosion

Shockingly Good Shockwaves

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Mini-Cannon Destroying Glasses

cannon epic explosion gifs whoa win - 6158245376
Created by Unknown

Fireball Caught on Video

gifs Video fireball explosion mindwarp - 6670961152
Created by jyonasan1957

Politics in a Nutshell

animation explosion gifs politics simpsons - 5570701568
Created by Unknown

Exploding Chair

chair explosion FAIL gifs lol prank - 6594344192
Created by Unknown


awesome best movie explosion gifs guns Movies and TV Punnish - 4658810880
Created by Unknown

Right on Target

explosion FAIL gifs guns rifle whoops - 6125198848
Created by Unknown

Best Teacher Ever

explosion Chemistry yikes fire FAIL gifs - 6696281344
Created by Unknown
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