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Only the Bird Survived

coke animals birds explosion funny - 8068852480

A Practical Way to Skydive

explosion gifs seems legit video games Videogames wtf - 5479518720
Created by Scarcheg

One Way to Light a Cigar

yikes explosion gifs sparks - 6958853888

Charging Up The Furnace

epic explosion gifs extreme - 7111201536

One Explosive Kitty

explosion gifs kitties Cats - 8163358208
Via Bing

Didn't Expect That

explosion FAIL gifs ouch tire - 6519718656

Soft Landing...

diving explosion pool funny jo38ma3 - 7983439616
Created by ToolBee

Bridge Be Gone

bridge demolition epic explosion FAIL gifs - 5907206400
loops of shockwaves of all shapes sizes and types from all over the internet all in one place

Shockwaves For Days

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Homer's Escape

animation explosion gifs homer simpsons - 6161320960
Created by crazyskipper10LOL
explosion gifs Shockwave Reddit animated gifs - 10407429

Shockingly Good Shockwaves

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Air Cannon vs Van

explosion FAIL gifs van wtf - 6488421888

Just A Little Tranquiliz---aaaaarh!

Gif of man hitting aligator with blowdart and causing an explosion
Via tumblr

Ping Pong Explosion

explosion gifs win - 5715565312

Marble Falls Bridge Demolition

cool explosion gifs bridge demolition - 7147287296
Created by mondomix

Celebrating Can Be Fatal

celebration explosion FAIL gifs good advice lasers soccer sports - 6578513920
Via Jake For Jesus
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