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RC Car Detonates Nitrogen Balloon

explosion gifs awesome fire RC car science - 6938601984
Created by ani.s4

This Mountain Exploded

boom explosion gifs mountain rage wtf - 5855543808

Ping Pong Explosion

explosion gifs win - 5715565312

Bricks of War

awesome bricks explosion gifs legos win - 5328393472
Via Kooberz

Iceberg Explosion

cold explosion FAIL gifs iceberg nature yikes - 5943838976

Best Teacher Ever

explosion Chemistry yikes fire FAIL gifs - 6696281344

B3... MISS!

gifs close call wtf explosion water mindwarp - 6665190912
Created by ToolBee

One Use Gun

explosion FAIL gifs guns - 6413712384

GIF - Darwin Award Candidate

GIF of dude burning something near a gas can and then gets blown up as you might predict.
Created by anselmbe

Looks Like Someone Had Taco Bell

driving explosion FAIL gifs seems legit - 6405509888
Created by TSGIGOR
Shockwave gifs that will knock you back in your seat. The cover gif is a massive VBIED explosion that causes the camera man to nearly lose the camera while recording

Shockwaves That Will Knock Your Socks Off

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Soft Landing...

diving explosion pool funny jo38ma3 - 7983439616
Created by ToolBee

Just a Normal Day in Neon Genesis Evangelion

animation anime explosion gifs wtf - 6328971264
Via Mira Kurun

Muzzle Loader Explodes At Gun Range

explosion FAIL fire gifs guns yikes - 6095690496
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Twisted Metal

car crash explosion gifs mindwarp test yikes - 5352314112


awesome best movie explosion gifs guns Movies and TV Punnish - 4658810880
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