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A Swing And a Miss

FAIL birds gifs Cats - 8333285888
By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

Haste Makes Waste

yikes FAIL gifs cars roads - 8559899136
By tamaleknight

Don't Celebrate Until You've Won

FAIL gifs rollerblading funny - 7854680320
By Unknown


drinking escalator FAIL fall gifs hes-ok ouch - 4918238464
By Unknown

Meanwhile, in Holland

yikes explosions FAIL cars - 8497584128
By ToolBee

Car Flipped Over by Manhole

cars crash FAIL flip gifs manhole yikes - 6161747456
By _C_A_T_

Your Yoga Ball Will Not Defend You

FAIL gifs yoga balls trucks - 8154105344
Via Yahoo

Nowadays, Everyone is Distracted

FAIL gifs stroller texting train tracks yikes - 5795489536
By _C_A_T_ (Via

Glasgow Escalator Gif

Gif of a man going the wrong way on an escalator in Glasgow, Scotland.
Via gifs

Block Hits Ref in The Face

ouch ref FAIL gifs basketball - 6997389056
By Unknown

High Expectations Asian Father?

azns baseball FAIL gifs kids ouch - 6407851264
By Mortuaryjoe


bus FAIL gifs kids ouch safety speed bump - 4169058304
By FrankieDudeUltimate

Kicks Aren't That Surprising

gifs mma ufc fighting kick sad but true FAIL - 6674912512
By Unknown

Good Morning

FAIL gifs kids marriage whoops - 8454419968
By anselmbe

And Now You Won't Have Little Blacksmiths

ouch FAIL gifs funny - 7885502208
By Unknown

Hello, My Adoring Fans

FAIL fans gifs rage soccer sports yikes - 6311743744
By TheMetalCat (Via Brown Cardigan)