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Go Kart Crash, Flip & Burn

crash FAIL flames gifs go kart yikes - 6208832256
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via Cheezburger )

Explosive Manhole

best of week explosion FAIL gifs manhole wtf yikes - 5800033280
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Good Block, Son

gifs FAIL dad kick goal soccer ouch - 6663013376

Mouse Trap Prank

ouch FAIL gifs mouse trap nut shot prank - 6723612672

Just Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf

ouch FAIL gifs slip fall - 8449434368
Created by tamaleknight

Way to Hold The Line

cars close call FAIL gifs trucks - 8242851584
Via Bing

How to Break Your Nose

FAIL gifs guns How To nose ouch - 6224944384
Created by ToolBee

Epic Soccer Miss

FAIL gifs miss soccer sports - 5415703296

Checking Your Blind Spot Fail

cars crash FAIL gifs idiots yikes - 6064366336
Created by _C_A_T_

Almost Got It, Girl

best of week escalator FAIL gifs - 5424442624

It's a Punching Bag, Dingus

FAIL gifs kick lol old man punching bag - 6390907392

Wait, That's Not How You Stay on a Bike

FAIL gifs bikes - 8118259456
Created by ToolBee

An Important Reminder to Pay Attention While Changing Lanes

cars accidents FAIL gifs yikes - 8354204672

Almost There, Guy

motorbikes FAIL gifs jumps fall - 8213534208

Goodnight, Work Out Room!

Music whoops FAIL gifs rocking out - 8210130688

Slow-mo Headshot

FAIL gifs headshot ouch slow motion soccer ball - 6350116096
Created by TheMetalCat