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Classic: That's Right Timmy, No One Cares

kicking FAIL gifs kids sad but true - 7100440832
Created by Unknown

Embarrassing Overtake Attempt

FAIL gifs - 5093862400
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

I Think He's Drunk

drunk FAIL fall gifs wtf - 6475802624
Created by sebenty

Ostriches Get Fibrous Treat

ostriches FAIL gifs wigs critters funny - 7678172160
Created by ToolBee

Whoops Didn't See That Pothole

yikes FAIL gifs race cars flip - 8423536640
Created by f4-wulfhoud


bike crashing epic FAIL gifs girl - 4966719744
Created by Unknown

You Tried So Hard, And Got So Far

FAIL gifs flips ouch - 8180054272
Created by anselmbe

Car Noob

cars FAIL gifs idiot wtf - 6134315520
Created by Unknown

Not The Best Day For Her

FAIL gifs whoops sports - 7982901248
Created by Iron-man01

Round One: Fight

ouch kicks FAIL gifs fights - 8323014912
Created by anselmbe

The Male Gaze is Everywhere

babe cars FAIL gifs humpday sad but true - 6129652480
Created by Unknown

Hey, Quit Monkeying Around

monkeys FAIL gifs bikes pranks - 8278415104
Created by Pipek

Birthdays Start to Burn

yikes birthdays FAIL eyebrows gifs fire - 8511211264
Created by Unknown

Spinning Kid Affects Accuracy

gifs dizzy kids FAIL kick - 6656259328
Created by Unknown

Wait, I Forgot my Keys!

cars FAIL gifs whoops - 5336361984
Created by Unknown

Dog Interruptus

skateboarding FAIL gifs - 8574306048