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Quad Crash

FAIL gifs jump ouch - 6164919552
Created by _C_A_T_

It Isn't in everybody

FAIL Gif of a dog running to catch a Frisbee and crashing into a wooden fence.
Created by anselmbe

Feel The Power Of My Mini Monster Truck!

ouch FAIL jump gifs RC car - 6940477952
Created by casrules401

You Tried So Hard, And Got So Far

FAIL gifs flips ouch - 8180054272
Created by anselmbe

Right on Target

headshot mashup FAIL gifs Balloons sniper - 6738541312
Via Reddit

They Never Will Forget This Wedding

FAIL gifs humpday underwear wedding whoops - 5930900992
Created by TSGIGOR


emergency FAIL gifs Japan wtf - 4306697984

WTF is Happening in This Parking Lot

FAIL fall gifs ouch parking lot vomit wtf - 6177053952

I Tried So Hard, But In The End It Doesn't Even Matter

FAIL gifs - 7961239296
Created by Duda_ExistenciaI

Good Save

runway fashion FAIL gifs fall - 8293919744
Via Vuittonable


FAIL flip gifs ouch trampoline - 4925993728

This Guy Sucks at Breaking In Places

ouch FAIL gifs fall - 8124329984

This Can Hurt

FAIL gifs cans funny - 7637955328
Created by Unknown

Surprise Attack

FAIL gifs samurai swords yikes - 6529299968

Well That Was Unexpected

cars crash FAIL gifs pov yikes - 5774360320

I Just Have to See if The OS Will Run

FAIL gifs phones prank puns theft - 6613080832