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Oh, That Was Your Drone?

FAIL gifs bikes drones - 8371264768

The Final Trick

yikes FAIL gifs cold ice - 8315256320
Created by jyonasan1957

Rock and Fail

best of week FAIL gifs guitar Music rock and roll - 5746831104
Via Youtube

Morpheus Shows Neo The Way

FAIL gifs the matrix neo jumps - 8163368704
Via Bing

Shatterproof Glass Wins Again

FAIL gifs ouch - 8023020032
Created by anselmbe

Every Time I Try To Get Fancy With My Dance Moves

dancing FAIL gifs kick ouch sad but true - 6557606656
Created by Iron-man01

Stop, Drop and Roll

FAIL fire fireball Freddie Wong gifs yikes - 5756240384
Created by _C_A_T_ ( Via )

Hanging With My Bros

drinking FAIL flip gifs ouch - 5501327616

Well, The Work Day Was Going Fine

FAIL gifs chairs - 8482260480

Meanwhile in Chicago

yikes street FAIL gifs sinkholes cars chicago - 7359482624

Worst Firefighter Ever

FAIL firefighter gifs - 6094385664
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via Jokeroo )

Wood You Take a Look at This Guy?

almost a FAIL FAIL gifs puns trucks turn wood - 5920961280
Created by TSGIGOR

How to Break Your Nose

FAIL gifs guns How To nose ouch - 6224944384
Created by ToolBee

Hey! No Tailgating!

FAIL gifs cars trucks - 8445015296
Created by anselmbe

So You Think You Can.. OH SNAP

dancing FAIL gifs ouch - 5055450368


critters FAIL fly frog gifs nature wtf - 4240322304
Created by wolf-antlers