Señor GIF


What Were You Trying to Accomplish?

cars dancing FAIL gifs jump ouch - 6185111296

Man Falls Down a Hole in a Pub

FAIL fall gifs ouch wut - 6537236992
Created by _C_A_T_

That's Not How You Somersault, Kid

FAIL gifs kids fall - 8038182912

I'm Surprised It's Not Sparking

wtf FAIL wheels cars driving funny - 7797640704

She's on Fire

jump rope FAIL gifs fire funny jumping - 7782388480

Right on Target

FAIL gifs ramps - 8312277248
Created by anselmbe

C U 2nite

commercial driving FAIL gifs ouch texting - 5148938752

Paddleboat Fail

boat boats FAIL gifs - 5134256896

None Shall Pass

Scary GIF of a truck that is in the wrong lane.
Created by _C_A_T_


FAIL flip gifs ouch - 4696831744

Parked Cars Are Dangerous

russia FAIL gifs kids - 8152297728

What The Hell is This Guy On?

bridges FAIL fall gifs wtf - 8413918720

Like He Cares

FAIL gifs drunk fence funny fall - 7607968512

Seat Belts Are Important to Wear

cars FAIL gifs - 8183878656

Try Again, Kid

racing FAIL gifs running - 8277664768

Falling Asleep

bus FAIL falling asleep gifs public transportation - 5378696192
Created by TSGIGOR ( Via )