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The Force Isn't Always With Him

obi-wan kenobi star wars FAIL gifs light sabers - 8173087744
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FAIL gifs jump kids ouch shoes swings swingset - 4854028544
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Gif of the Day: "Don't Worry Guys, This Rock Will Stop It"

FAIL gifs tires idiots - 8220224768
Via Al-Minassa

Well At Least He Didn't Get Decapitated

FAIL gifs ouch scooter - 5028689408
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cellphones whoops FAIL gifs toilets - 8409968640
By anselmbe

Skateboarding When You Can Barely Walk Home Isn't a Good Idea

skateboarding FAIL gifs drunk - 8463922688
By Unknown

That's Not How You Turn

FAIL gifs cars funny americana - 7818023168
By Unknown

You're Doing Everything Wrong

ouch FAIL gifs backwards phone bike texting - 7047951872
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drunk FAIL gifs painting roads - 4808761088
By melolonta

Parking Brakes Are Nice

yikes FAIL tow truck gifs truck - 6964923648
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FAIL gifs planning robbery trip - 4862902784
By Quantaur

This Had to Hurt

ouch FAIL jump gifs jeep - 7039484160
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I Just Need a Little Fresh Air

China driving FAIL gifs wtf wut - 6335913984
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RIP Timmy

FAIL gifs kids magic - 8292607744
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Mondays, AMIRITE?!?!

FAIL gifs mondays shelf - 6199500544
By _C_A_T_

Going Nowhere Fast!

ouch spinning FAIL gifs fall - 8290900224
By ToolBee