Señor GIF



crash driving FAIL gifs wtf - 4998968832
By Unknown

Swinging Exchange

FAIL gifs swing - 6432156416
By _C_A_T_ (Via Failblog)

When You See It

cops FAIL gifs ouch russia yikes - 6018637568
By Unknown

Stoplights Only Apply To Some People

wtf FAIL gifs traffic - 8508446464
By Unknown

He Didn't See The Sign

ouch FAIL gifs signs bikes - 7303205632
By Unknown

Right in The Umps!

baseball FAIL gifs nut shot ouch sports - 6311077120
By Unknown

Teens Driving

bad driving FAIL gifs parking wtf - 5336361472
By Unknown

One Hot Car, Hombre

car FAIL gifs hot puns - 5178239232
Via Modified Car Forums


bikes FAIL gifs jump ouch railing - 4826581504
By Unknown

Seems Stable

face FAIL its a trap kids water balloons - 5001416704
By -Ghost-

Guess He's Got Places to Go

FAIL gifs driving funny - 7806713344
By Unknown

Don't Celebrate Until You Win

FAIL gifs Party skating so close - 6556740608
By jyonasan1957

Premature Ejubilation

memes FAIL gifs kids basketball pranks - 8348924416
By beernbiccies

Hey, Buddy This Isn't Stairs

FAIL gifs ouch stairs - 6150592000
By meganeguard (Via AK47)

What The Hell is This Guy On?

bridges FAIL fall gifs wtf - 8413918720
By Unknown

Somebody is a Poor Sport

sports FAIL gifs swimming funny - 7435659264
By Unknown