Rage Comics


Gamers in Denial

call of duty black ops 2 funny - 7475667712
Created by GibbSaw

The Origin

dads sex parenting philosophy birds and the bees funny - 7513959168

That's My Batmobile

forever alone cars superheroes funny - 7510472960

Did NOT Need to Hear That, Grandma!

grandma driving funny - 7456697856

The Little Desktop That Could

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Created by Regrubezeehc

Cheap Visual Effects

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Created by Darrylx3

All My Best Thinking Happens at Night

dreaming thinking sleeping funny - 7485749760
Via m84m

Really Mess With Statistics

cars plane funny Statistics - 8477635584
Created by Tim

Nope, Girl Testa

sex girlfriends relationships funny - 7496095488
Created by Arkyvaza

Where Did All the Good Guys Go?

sexism chivalry relationships funny dating - 7365323264
Created by Los_Torta

This Is Not a Drill

diarrhea problem dead funny - 8466919936
Created by gravedigga63

Spoilers Go BEFORE the Explanation!

spoilers tv shows movies funny - 7485718528

Of Sisters and Nutella

sisters nutella kitchen food funny - 7500987392
Created by Unknown

You Planned This, Internet!

free time internet bored funny - 7509077760
Created by Pheonixbreath

As Long as Your Aim Isn't Off...

FAIL funny Okay Rage Comics so close - 5181389056

Life Is Definitely Over

wtf funny - 8469229568