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I'm Starting to Lose Hope

forever alone yearbook relationships funny dating - 7511066368

Holy Cow!

religion thailand india funny cows - 7515999744

I Could Open a Cake Shop!

cake Challenge Accepted baking Close Enough funny - 7441594368
Created by TheAngryAsian

That Magic Piece of Plastic

credit cards if you know what i mean funny - 7512177152
Created by Stacychan

Dem Shaving Feels

sweet jesus shaving funny - 7442589952
Created by lordmonocormicornXladyrainicorn

It's Almost June...

summer break me gusta snow days funny - 7458857728

Banking 101

idiots funny - 8466748160
Created by Unknown

One Way + One Way = Two Way?

genius funny - 7465416192

Parenting Like a Baws

Like a Boss poker face parenting if you know what i mean funny - 7457486336

What am I Paying For?

Y U NO pills funny - 7488432128

What the Fudge Did I Create?

mother of god me gusta the sims 3 funny - 7498457088
Created by dreamsofhorror

U Mad, Wife?

marriage wife relationships husband funny dating - 7510162432

Damn Hot Dog Fingers!

passwords fingers typing funny keyboard - 7442720512

Bigger on the Inside

true story doctor who funny everything went better than expected - 7519574272
Created by darkfalcon89


brushing your teeth nothing to do here teeth herpderp funny toothbrush - 7452068864

Game of Thrones Day

Game of Thrones funny - 7534945536