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Come, My Minions!

disney funny - 7366225920
Created by Unknown

Story of My Life

gaming video games funny loading - 7459356416
Created by Antigrumpycat

Math Teachers Live Strange Lives

wtf funny - 8466981888
Created by spongybutt

Come Back Kitty!

forever alone kitty no Cats funny - 7485719808
Created by Unknown

Troll Physics: Lab Safety

fire funny - 7529320960
Created by vladecruz

The Best Taste in the World

me gusta doritos Okay funny - 6155101696
Created by Unknown

Use Your Blinker BEFORE the Light Turns!

red light stop light funny traffic - 7495258112
Created by Unknown

Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride... Hmm, Interesting...

shampoo bathroom toilet funny - 7490102528
Created by Unknown

Make Up Your Mind!

pets Cats funny - 7485736704
Via Klisstoriss

Battle of the Fly

funny flies - 7487604736
Created by Zackaray

Pencil Nooooo!!!

stahp pencils eraser funny - 7506647808

I'll Get a D for Drama

Blood tests funny exams truancy story - 7534891264
Created by TheRoar

I Am the Bread God!

geese me gusta ducks funny - 7456061440
Created by Unknown
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Mystery Ship

radio driving funny traffic - 7522890240
Created by Unknown

Tacos Are Healthy!

healthy awesome love funny - 8466412800
Created by Unknown
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