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Moms Are Pessimists

relaxing chores mom funny parents - 8469545472
By Derp12456

"What's This Button Do?"

games computer games video games funny - 7533550336
By Unknown

The Love Juice Lingers

sexy times funny women underwear - 8480258816
By Unknown

Ahem... This is PRIVATE!

box package roommates funny - 7495243264
By Unknown

Accidental Thief

Mario Kart poker face video games gtfo funny - 7530021120
By armadilloskills

Stupid Dudebro

bros fitness exercise funny - 7439951872
By Unknown

It Was Here the Whole Time!

watching TV lazy TV laziness funny remote control - 7466071808
Via Bl4ckened

They Had No Chance

bugs ants funny - 7463782912
By Unknown

Screw You, Dad!

parenting dad astronaut funny - 7544939264
By CrazyCalvinWilliams

The Truth Behind Earphones

earbuds headphones funny - 7527998208
By Blitzentrix

Time for Some Disappointment Dinner!

poker face prizes microwaves it's something funny - 7509189632
By wolfman242

Dat Little Sound

umbrella house me gusta funny - 7518249216
By Lightning013

The Origin

dads sex parenting philosophy birds and the bees funny - 7513959168
By Unknown

Bidding Logic

funny ebay - 7357183232
By pokemonguardianandbrony

Axe Lied to Me

forever alone relationships axe funny dating - 7432920832
By KTL1999

I'll Take Some Thin Mints, Some Samoas, Some Tagalongs...

me gusta girl scout cookies funny money - 7528978688
By Unknown
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