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Everytime I Try to Update

are you kidding me computers windows update update electricity funny - 7439593472
Created by lahaldeman

It's So Bright and Sunny Outside!

forever alone free time funny - 7442636032
Created by Pichu007

A Terrible Mistake

class alphabet teacher oh god why funny truancy story preschool - 6597466112
Created by Unknown

Supernatural Earbud Scrambling

im-watching-you earbuds headphones funny - 7340866048
Created by TheNextGrumpyCat

Cheap Visual Effects

pencil class school me gusta funny truancy story - 6136136448
Created by Darrylx3

"Fire in the Pit... Err... Hole!"

smells cologne funny - 7444035072
Via awesomedan24

Personal Space! Personal Spaaaaaaaaaace!

personal space public transit funny bus - 7436033024
Created by Unknown

Beards Grow So Fast

wtf beard shaving funny - 8470074368
Created by Unknown

It Never Works

prank funny - 8469371136
Created by Spoons5421

"Mio Dio! I Need-a More Time!"

art michelangelo funny - 7495262976
Via The2500

Almost as Good as New Book Smell

smells me gusta dat smell tennis funny - 7515847936
Created by Unknown

Two Seconds Later Two Hours Had Gone By

alarm clock sleeping funny waking up - 7485748224
Created by Unknown

No More TV for You!

Challenge Accepted TV funny television - 7494959104
Created by Unknown

He Knew... He Knew All Along...

kids trolling poker face bad poker face funny - 7537126656
Created by dragonfly45

It's Been Nice Knowing You All

Home Alone oh god why funny burglar - 7511058432
Created by Unknown

The curse of writer's block

writers block ideas poker face herpderp funny creativity - 7493072128
Created by Neo_Anderson1104