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Elevator Sorcery

elevators mother of god funny - 7460966400
Created by SultanofSchadenfreude

Your Timing is as Good as Ever, Body!

nail polish peeing funny - 7461788416

I Thought I Was Gonna Get House Majority Whipped

bad poker face everything went better than expected funny - 7392190720
Created by Swift-Justice

The Origin

dads sex parenting philosophy birds and the bees funny - 7513959168

The Birdies Never Fail

birds car wash bird poop funny - 7416202752

You're Screwed Now

love funny - 8477219328
Created by TheJersy

Not Gonna Lie, My Heart Skipped a Beat

horror movies scary scary movies startled funny - 7432232448

School Throughout the Ages

school elementary school middle school high school sleeping funny college truancy story - 7534212864
Created by InfernoArmor

Every Freakin' Year

studying homework school truancy story funny - 7443589632

Me Hoovsta

me gusta sweet jesus funny vacuuming carpet - 7485724928

See, I Helped the Environment!

it's something funny - 7512719104
Created by HiddenCheezburga09

Existential Humor

knock knock brother joke funny - 8477716480
Created by Samspore


fishing herpderp funny - 7487394304
Created by doomsquid

Oh... You Weren't Waving at Me...

Awkward Awkward Moment facepalm poker face funny - 7536737280
Created by Jarlock

The Mayans Were Right

yolo swag funny - 7522699520
Created by Pokedude907

Forgotten and Left to Die

forever alone hide and seek Okay funny - 6136974336