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Damn Cross-Nationality Confusion!

england funny - 7449542656
Created by HolySharkRepellent

Make a Funny Face!

mirrors funny - 7499261184
Created by TheNextGrumpyCat

I Thought I Was Gonna Get House Majority Whipped

bad poker face everything went better than expected funny - 7392190720
Created by Swift-Justice

Forever Alone Buddies

forever alone Challenge Accepted relationships funny dating - 7455982592
Created by Unknown


yolo nothing to do here swag teenagers funny - 7490936320
Created by Unknown

The Love Juice Lingers

sexy times funny women underwear - 8480258816
Created by Unknown

In School, Sometimes It Helps to Go Against the Grain

math class teacher sir funny everything went better than expected truancy story - 7444023808
Created by Unknown

No More TV for You!

Challenge Accepted TV funny television - 7494959104
Created by Unknown

Moms Are Pessimists

relaxing chores mom funny parents - 8469545472
Created by Derp12456

It Was Nice While it Lasted

trollface work funny Rage Comics - 7814450432
Created by Unknown

The Pessimist, The Optimist, And the Realist

optimism funny pessimism - 7497243392
Created by RainbowDude99

Axe Lied to Me

forever alone relationships axe funny dating - 7432920832
Created by KTL1999


funny - 7446387968
Created by Unknown

What am I Paying For?

Y U NO pills funny - 7488432128
Created by Unknown

One Way + One Way = Two Way?

genius funny - 7465416192
Created by Unknown

Deep in the Pits of My Laptop

making rage comics oh god why funny - 7421112576
Created by BurgerUchiha