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If You Even Sleep...

sleep sleeping funny - 7521373952
Created by Sketchu

Oh... You Weren't Waving at Me...

Awkward Awkward Moment facepalm poker face funny - 7536737280
Created by Jarlock


video games funny parents - 8300213248
Created by SuperChez

Unexpected Holidays

homework sick days school funny holidays truancy story - 7459392512
Created by Unknown

Never Open Your Eyes

scary shower shampoo funny - 8469765632
Created by Unknown

This is How They Sell Fridges

refrigerators furniture me gusta sweet jesus bad poker face funny - 7501847552
Created by CrazyKirby97

Is Something Funny?

rage funny parents grounded - 8193539328
Created by CPMInc

Days of the Week

weekends sundays mondays funny - 7534918144
Created by InfernoArmor

Use Your Blinker BEFORE the Light Turns!

red light stop light funny traffic - 7495258112
Created by Unknown

Monkey See, Monkey Do

wtf kids funny - 8468438272
Created by PsychicBillies

An Avalanche of Pens

are you kidding me pens aww yeah funny - 7492645376
Created by Unknown

As Long as Your Aim Isn't Off...

FAIL funny Okay Rage Comics so close - 5181389056
Created by Unknown

The Origin

dads sex parenting philosophy birds and the bees funny - 7513959168
Created by Unknown

Franchise Rage!

free stuff funny - 7439276032
Created by Electrica5000

Minty Fresh Never Tasted So Awful

brushing your teeth funny toothbrush - 7485729024
Created by Unknown
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