bull How To instructions invisible literalism lolwut similar sounding stretch Video wtf - 19016705

The Step-by-Step Instructions Really Help

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He Couldn't Have Picked a Better House Comic

Hall of Fame hilarious house hugh laurie similar sounding - 5467634432
By Unknown


lamb literalism portmanteau sequence - 4680544256
By shadowheart43


cat funny meow parody rewrite wtf - 4557551360
By Unknown

What He Referred to Black Sabbath as is DEFINITELY NOT P.C. Nowadays

crazy Hall of Fame lyrics mark twain similar sounding song train twain - 6133687296
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My Money's On the One With the Gun

double meaning fight fighting Hall of Fame literalism - 5121558784
By -Ghost-
Funny memes about marine biology | Biology teacher are laughing at? Is my biology class funny Biology class rim flappe on bongfish is mated bungus its fuccbone scrotewad is only present on females above 69 | sharks according media and pop culture imma do swim sharks real life blub blub

Fifteen Marine Biology Memes For Science-y People

Marine biologists need love too!
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And You Thought the Animal Puns Were at Their End

conversation elephant giraffes homophones koala lion literalism similar sounding - 6262784768
By LimeKitten

Such Car, So Fas

puns cars - 7870125568
By Unknown

I Pity the Fool...

puns mr t funny - 7670072320
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First Year Spanish Students Know What's Up Here

pun funny wifi - 7935241728
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character data double meaning google iphone Star Trek - 4110740992
By Dripz167

It's Stairibly Impolite!

dont homophone literalism request stairs Staring - 5208343296
By SpikeySan

Guido Style Ain't All it's Kraked Up to Be

double meaning homophone kraken literalism two - 6105606144
By rezecib (Via kateordiecomics.com)

I'm About to Tear Up This Field

puns - 8763099136
By Unknown


bomb film juxtaposition literalism Photo photobomb - 4757244416
By BerZerK
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