Man doesn't evacuate for hurricane soon enough, and ends up sheltering with lions | r/tifu Join u/nuqlick TIFU by not evacuating hurricane early enough and ending up shelter with lions L shared this story before on reddit long time ago, but someone told belongs this sub This happened within past few years. Not gonna name hurricane or zoo, because don't want zoo get hate mail about treatment animals or anything really they did phenomenal job with this being during hurricane, and don't

Man Evacuates For Hurricane Late, Ends Up Sheltering With Lions

Definite yikes.
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Hilarious tweets from a pug

Doug The Pug Tweets His Daily Life Adventures And They're Hilarious

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We Will We Will Rock You

Hall of Fame literalism rock song we wii will will smith you - 5350674176
Created by Cattivo

Carrots Are Very Sensitive

feelings carrot cruel - 7383979776
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What is This Pun I Don't Even

kitten brand - 7119275264
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Tom's A Playrock

pun rock MLP - 7881091840
Created by DJNightmar3

They Must Be On Sale

coca cola double meaning eight literalism pop resolution soda - 5223680256
Created by Alexwin

This Was Inevitable

pizza puns pi funny - 7562256896
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Breaking Free From the Bonds That Bind

radical atom - 7768186112
Created by Unknown
comedy homophones lolwut performance racism rimshot sequence standup Video - 26718977

Jokes About the Groan Ventre...

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A Delicious Impasse

puns headlines funny - 7653223936
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After the Termites Got To it, It Doubled As a Deathly Hollow

door double meaning dumbledore Hall of Fame Harry Potter literalism prefix - 5659021312
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One Quiet Taco

talk taco - 7383910656
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I Think You Know Eggsactly What I Mean

foul fowl homophone language literalism upset - 4786532096
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eye I students teacher - 3992266240
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A Heartfelt Pastapology

apology pasta similar sounding types variety - 6094873600
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