A Face Most Mothers Can Love

double meaning literalism surname - 6380125440
Created by Charlie Sears

Schindler's Lift

brand lift literalism schindler similar sounding - 5330880512
Created by Dan Q

He's Hunting for His Evil Twin, More

puns names image - 8795121664
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Bad Joke Amon

amon Chemistry double meaning Hall of Fame solution The Legend of Korra - 6353163264
Created by Unknown


church laser onomatopoeia shooting sound - 4437539072
Created by Unknown

ICWUDT, Math Textbook

sheep shear double meaning literalism math - 6678072576
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The Bible Supports Evolution!

bible charles darwin Darwin double meaning evolution Hall of Fame literalism - 5136837120
Created by filawigger
funny random memes and tweets | Qtips: Don't place ear canal Everyone: | Watches fast food documentary never eating fast food again 2 hours later: Shitheadsteve Im failure. Ronald McDonald clown crying

40 Memes & Tweets For Bored Brains

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Shouldn't the Picture be Sunn O))) Instead?

band coffee double meaning hashtag label literalism metal metallica - 5225816064
Created by Luisin

Seven of Nyan

literalism Nyan Cat similar sounding Star Trek - 4956406272
Created by 707gatos

Hand Soap

Hall of Fame hand hands literalism punception shape soap - 5073371648
Created by ktweastell ( Via www.likecool.com )

It Reacts Quite Quickly to Changing Seasons

Chemistry double meaning homophones literalism tree - 5873932288
Created by DunderMiffliNate

And We'll Get This Little Misunderstanding Cleared Up

snow white puns funny - 7527132160
Created by jojohoser

This Post Brought to You by Saint Anger

comment conversation facebook Hall of Fame metallica song Songs titles - 6440045568
Created by jiujitsubuddah

Nailed it.

double meaning Hall of Fame just saying literalism nail nuts - 5195977984
Created by Unknown

Happy Wedding Gay!

puns wedding gay - 7897718272
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