answer double meaning question the-notorious-b-i-g tupac - 5152565760
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And Then the Bailiff Clubbed Him

battery charge cliché double meaning free judge literalism - 5709276928
By dominicsoh (Via Pocket Puns)

Marty McFlorist

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By TheLostKing (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

I Bet That Bill is Going to Be Astronomical

curiosity data double meaning idiom literalism Mars nasa space - 6491700480
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Now That's the Best Kind of Poisoning

queen - 7366779648
By Unknown

The See Food Diet

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No Bun Intended

batman bread dead Hall of Fame lolwut similar sounding - 6456314624
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Hall of Fame literalism marriage ring suffix three wedding - 5156710656
By Unknown
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Not-Incorrect Moments of Technical Accuracy

Yeah, that makes sense.
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In the Game of Stairs, You Climb or You Die

Game of Thrones funny puns - 7504704768
By Andipants26

He's Gonna Buck That Body of Water Up!

beaver dam damn double meaning literalism river - 4728085504
By Ccook55
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39 Random Memes That'll Take Your Pain Away

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No, No Need to Call for Help or Anything!

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40 Pun-Filled Memes That'll Make You Facepalm

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By eak125

These Are Not the Licks You're Looking For

guitar lolwut r2d2 resemblance similar sounding star wars - 5436243968
By Unknown