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25 Nintendo Wii Memes For Nostalgic Gamers

Happy Anniversary to Wii!
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Triassican Someone Else

costume puns t rex - 8795118336

Really Going Out on a Limb With This One...

knee iron man irony - 7349501184
Created by MartimusMaximus

Musicians, Amirite?

similar sounding handel Bach - 6898951424
Via Reddit


post punk mohawk literalism double meaning - 6663501568
Via Reddit

I'm Butter, Too

mattress toast jelly slang shorthand - 6641533952
Created by Megamean09

But Not the Kind I Like

bottle double meaning Hall of Fame literalism scotch tape - 5068716032


art film jesus Movie photoshop poster rhyming title - 4320237056
Created by Burnstone101


list lots puns redundancy redundant - 4532431360

At Least He Urned His Title

ash ass comic Hall of Fame literalism longform similar sounding - 6263342848
Created by generalking ( Via Evil Inc. )


Bad Joke Eel body Hall of Fame homophones no - 6329143040
Created by NeilRashbrook

A Pun So Sweet, You'll Want to Lick the Wrapper

rap wrap literalism lil wayne homophone double meaning rapping - 6739971328
Via Keaton Stoos

Laughing Gas

double meaning element gas he laughing literalism repetition symbolism - 4769991168


chewbacca chewy literalism logo rhyme rhyming similar sounding star wars wookie wookiee - 5245116416

Slow moving pun

puns meme - 9052237568
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Is That a Hybrid?

Harry Potter car petroleum wizard - 7401433088