He's a Seaman, Floating on the Waves...

buoy david bowie literalism similar sounding - 5027860224
By NinjaKittehs24

Oooh, Simpsons Puzzle!

homophone homophones literalism - 5631102720
By Slugworks


aquatic off-rhyme pattern plaid platypus water - 4241601792
By Cowicorn

Wait for the Drop... It'll Be Here Before He Gets Resurrected for the Umpteenth Time

dragonball z hair shoop similar sounding skrillex - 6617733888
By Dan24 (Via Shane Cossever)

Last I Heard He Was Trying to Dig a Pony

lacking donkey literalism ass double meaning lost - 6823344640
Via Mr. Lovenstein

From Rick Ross to Yeezy and Back Again

everyday-im-hustling literalism lyrics parody rick ross shuffling similar sounding song - 4891008000
By Unknown


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By Unknown

Jurassic Bark

dogs dinosaur similar sounding costume bark dinosaurs - 6727457536
By Unknown


awesome cooking double meaning literalism lolwut saying show television TV x men - 4897099008
By Unknown

Man Gets Hit By Train

gifs false expectations Twist Ending literalism hit train - 7022656256
By Unknown

The Tragedies of World War II

Death died ending twist - 6629394432
By Nicole Harney

Best Keep Calm, or Best Keep Calm?

poster keep calm and carry on carrion literalism homophones carry on - 6796539136
Via Reddit

Ya R'lyeh

apostrophe meme orly similar sounding - 4951750400
By Unknown

Smelting Leads to Hot Ores

puns - 7884301824
By Unknown

Hold Your Damn Horses. We'll Get You to the ER Eventually. Maybe.

gifs similar sounding - 6851912704
By Unknown

They're Snatchin' Your Bandwidth Up

puns wifi funny - 7675057920
Via patriciabateman