haters gonna hate kate middleton meme royal wedding wedding - 4707991808
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They're Not the Same Thing!

boos puns luigi funny - 7485817856
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46 Funny Random Memes For Avid Scrollers

Merry Christmas!
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dead Hall of Fame literalism parody plant play similar sounding suffix - 4611821056
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Yes. It's Your Demise.

puns fish funny - 7455727872
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Classic: Is Your Refrigerator Running?

refrigerator running - 7348080640
Created by notKevin

This is the Business I Want to Break Into

art double meaning Hall of Fame literalism real estate surreal - 5706462720
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all group mall seen similar sounding - 4494240000
Created by craigede


harry homophone literalism prince Wales whales - 4771467520
Created by Unknown

Man Gets Hit By Train

gifs false expectations Twist Ending literalism hit train - 7022656256
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double meaning hay literalism meme - 4899793152
Created by acaudel

Killed By the Overblown Cheese-Step of Skrillex

dead double meaning literalism mouse - 5973940736
Created by eatingjimmy

How Illuminating

puns light einstein funny - 7608134912
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Actual Advice Mallard Tackles Relationship Issues

literalism advice pick up girl lifting - 7079697152
Created by rightbehindyou

He Must Be Really Ticked Off...

sign literalism imitation - 6926695168
Created by Jfreek

Potatebook: A Place for Spuds

conversation facebook potato potatoes variations on a theme - 6420883456
Created by scooter71