Funny shower thoughts.

15 Mindblowing Shower Thoughts For The Deep Thinkers

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Magic Wand: Casting Agent?

twitter Harry Potter puns funny - 7654829056
Via nowwearealltom


homophone literalism potato slang suffix - 5885103616
Created by superpatty

The Best Way to Break Through a Cell Wall

cell double meaning literalism wall - 6264094720
Via Butts Butts


elevator levels literalism meme mistake moving wrong - 4509396992
Created by Unknown

JK Rowling...

gifs jk rowling rolling men in black similar sounding literalism - 6794726912
Created by Kevmeister
construction double meaning innuendo literalism Video - 33215233

The Handymen Know How to Handle a Pun

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comic food nuts prank puns snacks - 3812425216
Created by Unknown

If I Cee Another Cee Lo Joke...

cee lo cee-lo green color green literalism name similar sounding surname - 5695638528
Created by sernavictor13

Know Your Sweaters

fashion movies puns - 7896108544
Created by conans

Classic Newb Hipster Mistake!

answer before burn coffee cool double meaning hipster literalism question tongue - 6613020416
Created by deathwish01b

Feel the Force of Photoshop

obi-wan kenobi photoshop adobe - 7310116608
Created by Unknown


Avatar juxtaposition literalism lolwut similar sounding strange - 4770736384
Created by Unknown

Tom's A Playrock

pun rock MLP - 7881091840
Created by DJNightmar3


double meaning down homophone literalism sale - 4425971968
Created by Eightyeightdays

Sausage Link

double meaning Hall of Fame link literalism zelda - 5278419968
Created by Meme_maker