Wooden it Be Nice to Have a Harley S-Board-Ster?

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Wouldn't a Bow-tie Better Compliment its Frame?

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D'OH! Killed Again!

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Looks Like This Soldier Finally Reached His Limit Break

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Insert witticism

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All Space Punks Beware

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Musings on Music Theory

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A power tripping assistant manager gets put in her place | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/fredzred 176d 1 "Clean store TOP BOTTOM. Don't leave until do yes boss L This happened worked retail around 2005 15 working at very small grocery store and although small store were always busy, as near popular beach and along highway rest area night before, l'd worked 12am until 6am packing shelves (there huge delivery coming had be stocked next day offered double time pay shift so jumped at chance work

Power Tripping Assistant Manager Gets Put In Check

Fran had to go.
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When They Start to Lumber Toward You, RUN!

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I Ocelove Them Both

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Gordon Ramsay enjoys his food for a change

Gordon Ramsay Eats The Perfect Sausage Roll

Looks absolutely delicious.
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These Two Really Know How to Lightnin' the Mood

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Cynical and dark webcomics filled with puns

21 Dark And Pun-Filled Comics From Rock, Paper, Cynic

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