Sounds Like a Shady Situation to Me

blind Lame Pun Coon similar sounding variations on a theme - 6484314368
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cat homophone literalism prefix video game - 6550164992
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Swift Taylor

taylor swift switcheroo double meaning - 6659131392
Created by JanosP
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Party Cat Knows How to Have a Good Time

double meaning Hall of Fame kids lsd mix trip without - 6348905728
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Don't Be Shellfish

web comics tongue twister Don't Be Shellfish
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dye hair puns - 3975223296

Monty Python and the Fus Ro Dah

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone knight meme monty python monty python and the holy grail quote Skyrim TO - 5737392384
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Okay, I Admit It, I Don't Understand.

confused emo explanation Hall of Fame math mathematics pr0n regret request - 4812356608
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double meaning Hall of Fame Han Solo name plans solo star wars surname Valentines day - 5839975680


curse Hall of Fame rhyming Samuel L Jackson witch - 5552211456
Created by engleshen
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At Least He Lives Up to His Name

surname variations on a theme literalism double meaning - 6738911744
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Harry Potter and the Sick Burn

geek memes harry potter pick up lines
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SMP CLASSIC: But Only After He Soiled Himself

classic double meaning fear grow homophone literalism pair pear - 6622232320

Touché, Toucan

pun - 7719706368
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