This is the Stark Sign You've Been Weighting For

puns iron man superheroes - 7833057024
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A Balanced R&B Meal

bacon eggs homophone literalism shoop suffix - 6246440704
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Your Throat Must Be Foal of Phlegm...

cannot double meaning excuse hoarse homophone horse literalism reason talk - 5562678272
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crushed puns - 3969235200
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There's Something Fishy About This Trophy

puns fish - 8795130368
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Honest Words From Our National Treasure

billy corgan lyric nicolas cage parody rhyming similar sounding smashing pumpkins song - 4871813888
Created by EmZajex

Tree's a Crowd

Forest trees variations on a theme conversation facebook - 6767221248
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Capsized Ship

ship homophone space double meaning literalism - 6667958528
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literalism minecraft pasta - 6289029888
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Songs to Wear Pants to Goes Punder the Sea

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aquatic off-rhyme pattern plaid platypus water - 4241601792
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Someone Call Davy Jones!

cracking kraken literalism problem similar sounding solution - 6602511360
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bale christian christian bale cross double meaning Hall of Fame hay literalism symbol - 5259398144
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Was That Tree-ly Necessary?

trees puns facebook funny - 7670310656
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funny cat memes

Top 20 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #49

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Amish You So Much!

Hall of Fame lolwut miss similar sounding you - 5440531968
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