similar sounding

And Borg to Be Wild, For That Matter

born to be wild literalism lolwut pro similar sounding tennis - 5469478400
By Fatalyze

In Oh So Many Ways

combination contraction Hall of Fame literalism paradox similar sounding - 5810996736
By Sern and Ben

You're Being Kind of Roo-d

literalism lolwut poo similar sounding weird winnie the pooh - 6569194496
By The Wise Man

It's Quite a Delicious Read!

Game of Thrones Hall of Fame literalism logo similar sounding - 6093382400
By SockPuppetApoc

Whale, Whale, Whale...

adorable cliché gifs Hall of Fame literalism question similar sounding well whale - 5850802944
By Unknown

That's Newts to Me

baby double meaning literalism name newt similar sounding term - 5730157312
By Doc Nabbit

This Man Serves a Porpoise

literalism porpoise purpose similar sounding - 6587092480
By amcclarey

You Gotta Put Your Game Face (Dij)On!

homophone ketchup literalism similar sounding - 4712364032
By PuppyPup119

Maybe Romney Winning Isn't an Abomination.

obama Lame Pun Coon similar sounding barack obama suffix - 6699257344
By Eric Craig

Their Movement is a Far East Movement

double meaning fly flying similar sounding so song Super Mario bros - 5223240192
By Shodredux


DIY similar sounding - 4577090304
By jackflannery

Why Play Whack-a-Mole When You Can Try its Strict Upgrade Instead?

similar sounding suffix - 7138208512
Via Reddit

The Floodgayts Are Open...

trouble treble shirt symbol literalism similar sounding - 6687146752
Via FY Modern Family

It's Your Go-To Guide for Morning CARRRRdio

difference Hall of Fame Johnny Depp letter literalism pirates Pirates of the Caribbean replacement similar sounding - 4721085952
By JakeLim

Wait for the Drop... It'll Be Here Before He Gets Resurrected for the Umpteenth Time

dragonball z hair shoop similar sounding skrillex - 6617733888
By Dan24 (Via Shane Cossever)

Three Cheers For...

bird context revenge similar sounding sweet tweet - 6277891328
By SpikeDawg