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Felines in Paris

answer Hall of Fame Jay Z kanye west lyrics question similar sounding song - 6184047360
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You Know He'll Be a Quality Employee

Hall of Fame koala literalism prefix puns similar sounding - 6157402880
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elephant emo Hall of Fame literalism portmanteau similar sounding suffix - 5386715392
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You Should Have Grabbed it as it Was Russian Away!

rat legend similar sounding prefix - 7128447744
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Honest Words From Our National Treasure

billy corgan lyric nicolas cage parody rhyming similar sounding smashing pumpkins song - 4871813888
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Probs Better Than the Original, TBH

book gifs Hall of Fame literalism Movie shoop similar sounding TO walk - 6040211968
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FRIDAY juxtaposition lyrics photoshop Rage Comics Rebecca Black similar sounding - 4781074176
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What's with Owl the Fuss?

Horatio Cane - Cartoon - I guess you could say that this bird... 23 n23 ow GETS STUCK IN CAR GRILL OWL GETS STUCK IN CAR GRILL FLORIDA YEEAAAAH |...got owl up in her grill. SO MUCH PUN.COM

Starfish is No Stranger to Being Oysteracized...

aquatic Hall of Fame ocean shellfish similar sounding underwater - 5899089152
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Men's Gymnastics

gymnastics similar sounding literalism double meaning - 6892238592
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How Many Birds Can You Kill With One Stone?

bird birds conversation similar sounding - 5973091328
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How Flipperant of Them...

fishing hell it killing of punchline similar sounding - 4861173760

I Find Your Lack of Face Disturbing

darth vader face lego quote similar sounding star wars - 6598967040
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Try the Regurgitated Jay, Etc.

comedy corny expletive falcon Hall of Fame joke similar sounding - 6206076672
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SMP CLASSIC: Beauty...

beauty bee beholder classic definition Hall of Fame idiom literalism similar sounding - 6153862912
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