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The Only House I Ever Want to Be Sorted Into

Hall of Fame Harry Potter house literalism prefix similar sounding slytherin snape - 5861677568
Created by Unknown


extra letter literalism similar sounding - 5181702912

Jerry Sign-Field

field literalism sign similar sounding - 6361896960
Created by Unknown

As Well You Should!

christopher walken Hall of Fame homophone literalism sign similar sounding - 6294011136
Created by xyzpdq1

The Asus Spades!

ace literalism of similar sounding tablet - 6563405312
Created by Unknown

You Has a What Now?

diagnosis double meaning house hugh laurie literalism similar sounding - 4970752256
Created by Aegenroth


boss Hall of Fame like Like a Boss literalism similar sounding - 4972472320
Created by Unknown

Same Thing, Really

comma letter mr t prefix rolling similar sounding trolling - 5401563392

She's Often the Bearder of Bad News

answer comic eyebrows fyi Hall of Fame homophones mustache question similar sounding warning - 4631716352


anthropomorphism best bra job similar sounding talking - 4564541696

But What Has Been Sheen...

prefix seen similar sounding surname - 5373480448
Created by meme-stream

Coming Soon: Flailblog.org

derp FAIL magikarp Pokémon similar sounding - 4659661312

The Hazards of Overconsumption

beard beer burn retort similar sounding typo - 6108057856
Via Reddit

Your Timing is Always So Bad!

block clock innuendo literalism rhyming similar sounding - 5337535232
Created by Dave ( Via scimoccomics.tumblr.com )

His Work With the Left Hand is a Bit Sloppy Though...

Hall of Fame ham literalism prefix similar sounding - 5769225472
Via Tobias Lunchbreath

When They Start to Lumber Toward You, RUN!

dead literalism similar sounding walking The Walking Dead - 5531281664
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