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Don't Say it Too Loud or Marvel Will Steel It

allies iron man marvel philosoraptor similar sounding team - 6286785792
Via Reddit

Jurassic Bark

dogs dinosaur similar sounding costume bark dinosaurs - 6727457536
Created by Unknown

To Hail With This Weather!

catchphrase hell literalism similar sounding - 4656516096
Created by spartasown


issues old similar sounding spanish women - 4561707264
Created by Unknown

Best Branding Ever?

added letter brand comparison contrast Hall of Fame letter lolwut meme similar sounding t - 4970764288
Created by xyzpdq1

He Wants to Grow Up to be a Quarterback

homophones jack literalism nickel similar sounding son - 4725629184
Created by xyzpdq1

Enjoying This Cookie is Highly Logical

chip chocolate cookies literalism prefix similar sounding Spock Star Trek - 5195854336
Created by OryuKitty

SMP CLASSIC: The Revolution Will Not Be Re-Rendered

iconography Che Guevara similar sounding literalism resolution revolution - 6786974720
Created by Meqad

Talk About a Well-Trained S.O.

double meaning gifs Hall of Fame onomatopoeia similar sounding sound train Valentines day - 5839107328
Created by Unknown


juxtaposition pencil photoshop similar sounding - 4595750144
Created by Unknown

Trannysaurus Rex

derogatory double meaning similar sounding - 6508404736
Created by Fibers ( Via Fibers )

Maybe It's the Sharptooth's Fault?

before lan literalism Movie similar sounding The Land Before Time time - 5636352256
Created by nopunin10did ( Via No Pun in 10 Did )

Kimono Dragon

lolwut similar sounding misinterpretation - 6878098688
Via Running Joke Life

Two of the Animal Kingdom's Finest Actors

cat Cats puns Samuel L Jackson similar sounding suffix - 6411351552
Created by Unknown

Now in 3D!

Hall of Fame literalism prefix similar sounding the office titanic - 6120585216
Via Reddit

This Man Serves a Porpoise

literalism porpoise purpose similar sounding - 6587092480
Created by amcclarey
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