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This Dictator is Also a Lifesaver

Hall of Fame literalism name similar sounding - 5607442944
Created by Shiny_Suicune

Bass, Bass it Up!

ass bass fish similar sounding variations on a theme - 6576413696
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This Seems Like a Horrible Idea...

chair contradiction literalism prefix similar sounding - 4955486208

Ohai There!

al pacino friend literalism Movie quote similar sounding - 4997071104
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He's Making a Mochrie of Us All

longform similar sounding worth it - 6519546112
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literalism similar sounding slang Spider-Man - 5065591040

Why Play Whack-a-Mole When You Can Try its Strict Upgrade Instead?

similar sounding suffix - 7138208512
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Can't Beet That Logic

family homophones similar sounding turnip vegetables - 6502896384
Created by NCcharmer

Je te Plumerai la Tête...

all french Hall of Fame literalism prefix similar sounding song - 6045022208
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Don't Say it Too Loud or Marvel Will Steel It

allies iron man marvel philosoraptor similar sounding team - 6286785792
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My Favorite Neil Diamond Song

Hall of Fame ham hand hands literalism lyrics mii misinterpretation similar sounding song wii - 6112050688
Created by jackcrackspackle

Totally Rhombus!

adventure time avengers iron man literalism marvel similar sounding - 5918479104
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Hall of Fame khan literalism similar sounding Star Trek - 5984867584
Created by engleshen


gifs Hall of Fame juxtaposition letter literalism mao muppet muppets puppet similar sounding switch - 5671717376


pi pun - Dish - SO MUCH PUN.COM
Created by Unknown


film ice cream literalism Movie poster scream similar sounding - 4675922176
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