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South of the Border On So Many levels

dos equis fans Hall of Fame meme similar sounding spanish Star Trek the most interesting man in the world - 4895108864
By xyzpdq1

I Donut Care Anymore

do not donut Hall of Fame literalism no1curr similar sounding - 5368314624
By Unknown

The Extra E and I Make All the Difference...

knight literalism misinterpretation request similar sounding - 5089624064
By tonis

And I Do Mean ALWAYS

before dinner hands literalism rule similar sounding - 6104063488
By KingKongGyrosPhillies

If He Were More Ornate, He'd Be a Fossil

friends Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding - 6165676032
Via Concrastination

Celebrity Name Puns, Round One Zillion

double meaning elton john Hall of Fame Jay Z similar sounding - 6414117376
Via Pleated Jeans

What's with Owl the Fuss?

Horatio Cane - Cartoon - I guess you could say that this bird... 23 n23 ow GETS STUCK IN CAR GRILL OWL GETS STUCK IN CAR GRILL FLORIDA YEEAAAAH |...got owl up in her grill. SO MUCH PUN.COM

I See the Plaid, But Where's the Paisley?

clothing fashion literalism outfit pattern plaid similar sounding surname - 6274141952
By Unknown


cat lolwut rap rapper rapping similar sounding - 5308526592
By Unknown


advice ask Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation now questions quote shoot similar sounding - 5199287296
By Unknown

Where is Team America When You Need Them?

double meaning homophones neologism similar sounding terror wrist - 4632945408
By Paradoxide

And Not a Single Duck Was Given That Day

duck literalism meme rhyming similar sounding upset - 4722758656
By xyzpdq1

Mythos and Meme, Together at Last

comic forever alone literalism me gusta Rage Comics similar sounding stone - 4698576128
By Unknown

Your Dog Days Are Just Beginning

literalism man on product similar sounding - 5159974656
By Reinforcement

That's Crate to Hear!

Lame Pun Coon saving similar sounding - 6550668544
By Weirdgomita

Seems More Compelling Than Santorum, TBH

literalism similar sounding - 6002456832
By petre18