So How Many Cars?

sign cars lots - 7416280320
By Unknown

Time's a-Melting!

advertisement advice literalism sign similar sounding words bad puns - 5082234112
By Kathleen

A Sine From God

double meaning god Hall of Fame homophone literalism sign sine - 6104785664
By 3Davideo

Make Sure You Never Need Help From the IT Department First

funny pun image IT coffee java sign joke
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beware caution crane danger double meaning literalism paper sign - 4400473856
By tonis


ahead literalism road sign similar sounding warning wok work - 4988411648
By Unknown

Would This Make a Grate Campaign Slogan, or is it Too Cheesy?

Would This Make a Grate Campaign Slogan, or is it Too Cheesy?
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children creepy double meaning literalism sign watch watching weird - 6632324608
By xyzpdq1

Oddly Enough, I Seem to be Uninterested

FAIL puns sign - 7850938880
By himynameisbuddy

Does What it Says on the Sign

double meaning instruction language laundry misinterpretation sign - 4963551488
By xyzpdq1

In the Name of the Father, the Sun, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte

sign religion puns - 7866530816
By maxx.steinmetz

Ace of Basic Mathematics

homophone literalism lyrics parody sign sine song - 4844756736
By argument
children literalism playing sign Video warning - 22398977

Slow Children Playing

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This Brexit Sign is Pregnant With Puns

This Brexit Sign is Pregnant With Puns
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Hope You Like Tailoring!

excited homophone name sew shop sign so store - 6482230784
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funny fire station signs

This Australian Fire Station Is Putting It's Sign to Good Use

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