Only Half a Mile 'Til the BURRDURR

derp dumb fries literalism sign - 4692157952
Created by kamikaze193

Were They By Chance Driving a Trans-Am?

sign bender driving literalism double meaning - 7059580416
Created by Farkward

This Brexit Sign is Pregnant With Puns

This Brexit Sign is Pregnant With Puns
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Your Local Gym Will Help You Take That Waist In

gym sign birthday suits tailored here
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But Then It's Not a Floor At All...

alteration batman caution floor literalism sign wet win - 3950508800


cosine double meaning homophone homophones literalism sign sine tangent - 4977368832

Stop Sine

graph homophone literalism sign sine sine wave stop - 4788151808
annoying bull double meaning expletive figure of speech sign Video warning - 15492609


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Would This Make a Grate Campaign Slogan, or is it Too Cheesy?

Would This Make a Grate Campaign Slogan, or is it Too Cheesy?
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bare homophone homophones it pun sign signs street street signs - 4470186752
Created by K-ho

I'm Very Fogone About My Poor Aim

sign - 6838125056
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A Sine From God

double meaning god Hall of Fame homophone literalism sign sine - 6104785664
Created by Unknown
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This Gas Station's Sign Has Jokes Instead of Specials

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Good Samaritanism

directions Hall of Fame instruction literalism please seat sign - 5148567552
Created by xyzpdq1

The End is Near

children end literalism near sign signs - 5234314240


awesome dogs flyer have literalism question seen sign you - 4452531712
Created by tedgarb
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