Time's a-Melting!

advertisement advice literalism sign similar sounding words bad puns - 5082234112
Created by Unknown

It Must Be Open Source...

advertisement car double meaning sign windows without - 5197630976
Created by Snake73


bare homophone homophones it pun sign signs street street signs - 4470186752
Created by K-ho

Fairever Alone

ferris wheel forever alone meme no ride sign similar sounding single - 5110595584
Created by Mitch_Mey-ster

Were They By Chance Driving a Trans-Am?

sign bender driving literalism double meaning - 7059580416
Created by Farkward

Museum Security is SUCH a Buzzkill

double meaning flash literalism misinterpretation photography sign - 4956316160
Created by xyzpdq1

Hell Has Frozen Over

frozen hell literalism name over saying sign - 4895618304
Created by -Ghost-

Free to the First Driver to Snatch it!

double meaning literalism sign watch - 5238628864
Created by Unknown

Make Sure You Never Need Help From the IT Department First

funny pun image IT coffee java sign joke
Via lanechr


danger Death metal Music sign warning - 3950503168

This is One DJ That's Not Afraid to Go to The Roots

hair sign fashion puns - 7836959232


ahead literalism road sign similar sounding warning wok work - 4988411648


beware crane danger double meaning literalism sign warning - 5202723072

So How Many Cars?

sign cars lots - 7416280320

Does What it Says on the Sign

double meaning instruction language laundry misinterpretation sign - 4963551488
Created by xyzpdq1

Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want!

sign disobedience misinterpretation no double meaning - 6943300864
Via Pleated Jeans
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