Make Sure You Never Need Help From the IT Department First

funny pun image IT coffee java sign joke
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Oddly Enough, I Seem to be Uninterested

FAIL puns sign - 7850938880
Created by Unknown

AKA Every Single Coffee Shop in the World

coffee double meaning holy literalism name sign - 5716449024
Created by sasukefangirl600


bird puns rules sign - 3728390656
Created by Hoosteen

Thanks, God. Now I'm Really Crabby.

answer ask crab double meaning god literalism question sign - 6138885376
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advice center double meaning drug grass sign - 4608665344
Created by Fauxpaws

Curse You, Suffixes!

addiction cat Hall of Fame misinterpretation mistake nuns sign suffix - 6279802880
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getting innuendo nails sign - 4015531008

Only Half a Mile 'Til the BURRDURR

derp dumb fries literalism sign - 4692157952
Created by kamikaze193

Is That a Threat?

double meaning literalism monitor monitored sign warning - 6587605760
Created by xyzpdq1

They Don't Call it the Blue Screen of Death for Nothin'

double meaning literalism monitor monitored sign warning - 3962110464

Good Samaritanism

directions Hall of Fame instruction literalism please seat sign - 5148567552
Created by xyzpdq1


graph homophone math mathematics puns secant sign sine sine wave tangent wave - 4532574464
Created by TomWade

Free to the First Driver to Snatch it!

double meaning literalism sign watch - 5238628864
Created by Unknown

Fairever Alone

ferris wheel forever alone meme no ride sign similar sounding single - 5110595584
Created by Mitch_Mey-ster
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This Australian Fire Station Is Putting It's Sign to Good Use

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