I Think They're Still Upset About the Burnt Rubber...

dinner double meaning flat jack lion lions name question tire tool - 5521708032
Created by Craptabulous


awesome dogs flyer have literalism question seen sign you - 4452531712
Created by tedgarb

New Year's Resolution

question low answer literalism resolution double meaning - 6961412608
Via Bizarro Comics

Let's Not Be Discriminatory Here...

bakery double meaning ginger gingerbread Hall of Fame literalism man question - 6049777408
Via Pleated Jeans

He's a Big Fan of Wares That Don't Cost an Arm and a Leg

answer double meaning hand literalism question twitter - 6541058048
Created by codehhaslawlz ( Via @inaneopinions )

Do You Really Need Us to Answer That Question?

accent axe britain British homophones question scent - 5665346304
Created by Unknown


answer cant doors Hall of Fame key lies literalism lolwut monkey open question suffix - 5127299072

SMP CLASSIC: Haha! Taxidermy!

question answer conversation human literalism stuffed sandwich food classic offer wolf - 7138813184

I Think the Ice Actually Said Something a Bit Nastier...

answer crack cracking double meaning ice question sun - 5626451200
Created by Joshojo

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

Chart comparison famous Hall of Fame question william shakespeare - 5942348800
Created by Ginctm ( Via XKCD )

Good Question

Hall of Fame morbid question scarecrow the wizard of oz where - 4832061696
Created by Striks

Bad Joke Eel Makes Babies Cry

question ten Bad Joke Eel answer octopus homophone - 6878224128

Or Maybe He Was µrdered by His Roofer...

accident answer cat dogs FAIL fall falling Hall of Fame physics question Reframe roof - 5570667520
Created by LOLdogexpert


answer double meaning dyslexic literalism question response thanks well - 4564155904
Created by pedretta


answer Hall of Fame nothing question similar sounding squirrel - 5091341312

So Funny, I Think I Peed a Little

question answer christmas tree misinterpretation double meaning - 6847253760
Created by TylerBargerhuff
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