flyer found hello literalism lost lyric question song - 4538398720
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Fishy Conversations

answer conversation double meaning fish literalism question - 6321161984
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answer bare bear children homophone literalism question tumblr - 4970074880

Why Do I Even Have That Stupid Window?

answer double meaning Hall of Fame lolwut pointless question upset window - 5096718080
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You Might be Catching a Colt

double meaning Hall of Fame hoarse homophone horse horses literalism question - 6297409536
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Hall of Fame lolwut name question random rimshot suffix - 5311419136


corn definition latin neologism Popcorn prefix question uni unicorn - 4242695936


answer double meaning question the-notorious-b-i-g tupac - 5152565760

Do You Really Need Us to Answer That Question?

accent axe britain British homophones question scent - 5665346304
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Ever wondered why he's so interested in such fine wear?

question answer how i met your mother literalism Neil Patrick Harris suit - 6955378688

Use the Force, Toaster!

answer dark dark side darth vader double meaning Hall of Fame literalism question star wars toast - 5025002240
Created by maxystone

That Question Seems Kind of Unnecessary to Me

question regret similar sounding tattoo - 6459960320
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Geometry Puns Are Weird...

question geometry answer longform animal - 7061879552

This Could Only Be Better Under One Circumstance...

answer double meaning literalism question rich slang surname - 6511789056
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Don't Have a Cow, Now

answer before cow cows her herbivore question similar sounding - 6210191360
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Me Gusta Llamas

literalism llama question similar sounding spanish - 6411343360
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