Seriously, It Kinda Sticks Out

answer literalism question stick - 4689617408
Created by LOL124 ( Via Domics )

Classic Newb Hipster Mistake!

answer before burn coffee cool double meaning hipster literalism question tongue - 6613020416
Created by deathwish01b

I Think the Ice Actually Said Something a Bit Nastier...

answer crack cracking double meaning ice question sun - 5626451200
Created by Joshojo

Insect Humor, Amirite?

question fly answer literalism homophones - 6952314880
Via Reddit

The More You Know *Shooting Star*

answer question rabbit similar sounding unique - 6595090176
Created by rarity235


baking bread confused double meaning dough literalism love question - 4181775360
Created by HebaElgen


Hall of Fame hypothetical meme philosoraptor prince prints question similar sounding will smith - 5327720704


answer date dating double meaning literalism question - 5535678720

He's Gone Off the Grid!

cannot chrome FAIL find google question search waldo wheres waldo - 5323256064
Created by KittehBoy1963

Too Easy!

classic double meaning geology Hall of Fame name punk question rock test three types - 5145361664
Created by Reinforcement

You Sher Locked Into That One, Emma

answer catchphrase double meaning emma watson literalism name question Sherlock sherlock holmes term - 6436543232

A Joke as Old as the Scrolls Themselves

question answer similar sounding Skyrim - 7023472384

I Feel Like This Conversation Has Maybe Been TRUNKated...

question variations on a theme wood similar sounding ask cut axe - 7119270912

Leaving So Bassoon?

question SOON creepy double meaning suffix - 6736899840
Created by Unknown

Remind Me Never to Eat Molasses Ever Again...

ass double meaning Hall of Fame literalism question suffix - 5406086912
Created by lizzwilson86

Delete Cookies?

cookies delete double meaning literalism mistake question - 4828643328
Created by absolutelyQT