SMP CLASSIC: ... But Not a Hairy One

camel innuendo toe misinterpretation literalism double meaning classic - 6752020480
By Hypotherm

I Honestly Don't Know Which One I'd Prefer

idiom bear misinterpretation homophones Command bare - 7121646848
Via Million Fish

Such Was His Delivery From Evil

double meaning free Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation pizza promise - 5588269312
Via Octopuns

Some People Just Get No Respect

hawk misinterpretation no double meaning - 7082596096
Via Sarchasm Comic


cyanide-happiness double meaning hand misinterpretation word choice - 4232526080
By THC41

Don't Press the Issue, Man. He's Down on His Luck Right Now.

depressed misinterpretation literalism - 7104450048
By Galpa (Via Self-Employed Comics)

So Funny, I Think I Peed a Little

question answer christmas tree misinterpretation double meaning - 6847253760
By TylerBargerhuff


male misinterpretation painting tool young - 4087968512
By exitacademy


double entendre Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation upset - 5021381888
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: 555 Numbers Are ALWAYS Trustworthy

call classic double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation - 6481259776
By Mission_Possible


abbreviation bus cereal Hall of Fame homophone literalism misinterpretation serial USB - 4977488896
By Unknown


advice ask Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation now questions quote shoot similar sounding - 5199287296
By Unknown


double meaning gross Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation stool toilet - 6481842176
By xyzpdq1

Oh Come On, Superassman Would Be a Way Cooler Hero

batman meme misinterpretation superman - 5331653376
By Hogther

Everything is Sexy

context double meaning facebook Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation pickup lines - 5710868224
Via Punblr
accident announcement Command going literalism misinterpretation oops up Video - 22739201

Sentry Going Up...

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