Word Choice... WORD CHOICE!

misinterpretation food double meaning microwave chinese - 7000032000
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Oh Come On, Superassman Would Be a Way Cooler Hero

batman meme misinterpretation superman - 5331653376
Created by Hogther

Oh, You Said HEARING? Well This is Awkward...

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lolwut misinterpretation similar sounding - 5810999808
Created by Unknown

Or Perhaps Very Right

doing it right doing it wrong grammar literalism misinterpretation spelling - 5238718720
Created by chickenscientist

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

link lazy trolling misinterpretation literalism - 6898789632
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Kimono Dragon

lolwut similar sounding misinterpretation - 6878098688
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And I Queen?

double meaning Hall of Fame i will kate middleton literalism misinterpretation royal wedding will - 5290639360
Created by georgia.mason

Does What it Says on the Sign

double meaning instruction language laundry misinterpretation sign - 4963551488
Created by xyzpdq1

Will Smith's Career Takes a Hot New Turn

question surname answer misinterpretation double meaning will smith black - 7002000384
Created by MasuHUN


double entendre Hall of Fame innuendo literalism misinterpretation upset - 5021381888

Some People Just Get No Respect

hawk misinterpretation no double meaning - 7082596096
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My Favorite Neil Diamond Song

Hall of Fame ham hand hands literalism lyrics mii misinterpretation similar sounding song wii - 6112050688
Created by jackcrackspackle

Think Big. No, Bigger. Wait, Too Big. Reign it in a Bit, Will Ya?

idea idiom misinterpretation literalism double meaning - 6818630400
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Drinks Are on the House Tonight!

double meaning drinks house idiom literalism misinterpretation - 6565693952
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Puns... Puns Everywhere.

shoulder misinterpretation dolly - 6938163200

Revenge is a Dish Best Served at a Fine Dining Establishment

double meaning literalism misinterpretation request revenge - 6544893952
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