Drinks Are on the House Tonight!

double meaning drinks house idiom literalism misinterpretation - 6565693952
Via Reddit

Oh Come On, Superassman Would Be a Way Cooler Hero

batman meme misinterpretation superman - 5331653376
By Hogther

Now That's How You Perform an Exorcism!

demon exercise misinterpretation similar sounding - 6431690240
By Hotchkiss (Via Hotchkiss Comics)

Revenge is a Dish Best Served at a Fine Dining Establishment

double meaning literalism misinterpretation request revenge - 6544893952
Via Buttersafe

What a Scandalous Selfie!

me misinterpretation literalism picture topless - 7101954048
By Unknown

Gingerbread House

double meaning gingerbread house literalism misinterpretation - 5593192192
By Amy (Via Foxtrot)

Cover Me!

misinterpretation literalism cover double meaning - 6952331776
Via Pleated Jeans

Nailed It?

Command double meaning homophones literalism lolwut misinterpretation pasta - 5507590400
By koneella

And Sometimes it Nutellas, but None of Us Really Mind When That Happens

jamming peanut butter misinterpretation jam - 7003776000
Via Nate's Cartoons

Old Lady Who?

art dying imitation misinterpretation sound - 6518131712
By Unknown


ass donkey double meaning literalism misinterpretation mistake - 5331923200
By Unknown

It's Good for Your Vitruvian Manhood

advice art double meaning flash literalism misinterpretation photography - 4745345280
By catsuberalles

What a Chernobyl Concept!

misinterpretation double meaning plant - 6992936192
By Meqad (Via John and John)

Just Installed Two 12-Inch Subs in My Car

false expectations shorthand misinterpretation literalism double meaning car - 6678074368
Via Reddit

Following Instructions to the Letter

dinner directions double meaning film Hall of Fame instructions literalism microwave misinterpretation - 5068780288
By MarianasTrench604


explanation gross her homophones insinuation misinterpretation peas statement woman - 4302938368
By jmcarey2008
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