The Camp Counselor is the BANE of Bruce's Existence

fat misheard misinterpretation batman bat - 6870538752
Via Reddit

So Funny, I Think I Peed a Little

question answer christmas tree misinterpretation double meaning - 6847253760
Created by TylerBargerhuff

I Wonder if They'll Call Back...

Awkward have interview job misinterpretation seat - 6532215296
Via Domics

The Extra E and I Make All the Difference...

knight literalism misinterpretation request similar sounding - 5089624064
Created by tonis

Such Was His Delivery From Evil

double meaning free Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation pizza promise - 5588269312
Via Octopuns


compliment compliments Hall of Fame idiom literalism misinterpretation restaurant - 5219879168
Created by Unknown

Whatever! Whatever! I Do What I Want!

sign disobedience misinterpretation no double meaning - 6943300864
Via Pleated Jeans

Books Let the Imagination Run Free... And Sometimes That's a Weird Thing.

face misinterpretation literalism hit sun morbid description - 7113852416
Via Reddit

And Sometimes it Nutellas, but None of Us Really Mind When That Happens

jamming peanut butter misinterpretation jam - 7003776000
Via Nate's Cartoons

Oh Come On, Superassman Would Be a Way Cooler Hero

batman meme misinterpretation superman - 5331653376
Created by Hogther

Now That's How You Perform an Exorcism!

demon exercise misinterpretation similar sounding - 6431690240
Created by Hotchkiss ( Via Hotchkiss Comics )

It's Most Hipsters' Favorite Shape!

double meaning Hall of Fame misinterpretation shape suffix - 6306386688
Created by GalderGollum

Cuz Dime-ins Are a Girl's Best Friend

diamond dime Hall of Fame homophones in literalism misinterpretation ring similar sounding - 6257663232
Via Reddit

Your Wish is My Command

parking literalism double meaning snarky misinterpretation - 6684102912
Via Bizarro Comics

'Incorrect' is a Pretty Relative Term if You Ask Me

Chemistry doing it right double meaning Hall of Fame heavy literalism metal misinterpretation symbols - 5849526016
Via Pleated Jeans


Harry Potter baking misinterpretation literalism double meaning quidditch - 6827748096
Created by Unknown
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