SMP CLASSIC: ... But Not a Hairy One

camel innuendo toe misinterpretation literalism double meaning classic - 6752020480
By Hypotherm

Something Like That, Sure

misinterpretation double meaning - 7119215616
Via Punsr

His Rates Are Just to Die for

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation photography shoot shooting - 5301498368
By Ultra_Meh

ICWUDT, Nick Grabbe

abbreviation con double meaning literalism misinterpretation - 6518834176
By King_Burgers

Such Was His Delivery From Evil

double meaning free Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation pizza promise - 5588269312
Via Octopuns

Just Installed Two 12-Inch Subs in My Car

false expectations shorthand misinterpretation literalism double meaning car - 6678074368
Via Reddit

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

link lazy trolling misinterpretation literalism - 6898789632
Via Reddit


double meaning Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation other people Rage Comics seeing - 5573358336
By Unknown

Some People Just Get No Respect

hawk misinterpretation no double meaning - 7082596096
Via Sarchasm Comic


animals beyoncé do not want killing literalism misinterpretation single ladies - 4631580672
By Unknown


leonardo dicaprio misinterpretation D silent - 7019961088
Via CoughDrops

Who the F&@# is Bonny Bear??

bear confused Hall of Fame misinterpretation similar sounding twitter - 5834445568
Via A.S.B.

Indeed He Will

double meaning gifs literalism misinterpretation revenge puns - 5492273408
By JMJMad1

Puns... Puns Everywhere.

shoulder misinterpretation dolly - 6938163200
By Unknown

Feeling Wanted

wanted feels feeling misinterpretation literalism flashback reminiscing double meaning i know that feel - 6745899776
By Eliisa (Via Valleycats)

Let's Just Hope it Doesn't Get Lost in Customs...

double meaning emotional Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation - 5703014912
Via Gemma Correll
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