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Following Instructions to the Letter

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By MarianasTrench604


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By jmcarey2008

Books Let the Imagination Run Free... And Sometimes That's a Weird Thing.

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Something Like That, Sure

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'Fire at Will!!!'

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By WinterLove111

'Incorrect' is a Pretty Relative Term if You Ask Me

Chemistry doing it right double meaning Hall of Fame heavy literalism metal misinterpretation symbols - 5849526016
Via Pleated Jeans

And Sometimes it Nutellas, but None of Us Really Mind When That Happens

jamming peanut butter misinterpretation jam - 7003776000
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Well, He Did Ask...

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By Snake73

Everything is Sexy

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Old Lady Who?

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By Unknown

Let's Just Hope it Doesn't Get Lost in Customs...

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Via Gemma Correll

Don't Press the Issue, Man. He's Down on His Luck Right Now.

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By Galpa (Via Self-Employed Comics)

It's Like Magic!

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By Unknown

Think Big. No, Bigger. Wait, Too Big. Reign it in a Bit, Will Ya?

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Via Poorly Drawn Lines

I Wonder if They'll Call Back...

Awkward have interview job misinterpretation seat - 6532215296
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