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By Unknown

Why Do I Even Have That Stupid Window?

answer double meaning Hall of Fame lolwut pointless question upset window - 5096718080
By BAM94

A Very Green Green Text

lolwut 4chan similar sounding shrek - 6972782336
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He's Been There for Hours and He's Just Bearly Starting to Color

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By srdjanBL


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By Unknown

And We Never Have to Go Ferrari to Find a Meal

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By dbryanw

We Laughed! We Cried! We Were Ashamed!

Awkward bag Hall of Fame ICWUDT lolwut misinterpretation - 6462189312
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confusing double meaning ex literalism lolwut Video weird x - 26971905

Talking to Exes...

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SMP CLASSIC-ish: Crumb for Me, Baby!

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By chrispogi220


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Damn You, Naming Conventions!

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By thatguy1212

Best Branding Ever?

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By xyzpdq1


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By Unknown

One More Than Firetruck

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By ichckid098